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Zip Box Pro 4x5.65 (Clamp On Complete Kit 114, 110, 104, 100, 95, 87, 80mm)

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Zip Box Pro 4x5.65 (Clamp On Complete Kit 114, 110, 104, 100, 95, 87, 80mm)

Lightweight, Compact Clamp-On Mattebox for Various Diameter Lenses Which Can Hold Three 4x5.65 Filters

Product Code: WC-267200

Suggested Retail Price £875+VAT

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  • Zip Box Pro 4x5.65 (Complete Kit) is a lightweight and compact, clamp-on mattebox for various diameter lenses which can hold three 4x5.65 filters that are loaded from the front and held by a spring loaded latch
  • The included top flag is made of lightweight carbon fiber and covers the front of the mattebox which is great for protecting the lens between takes
  • The flag can be removed by loosening the top thumbscrew, aligning the tab with the key slot, and pulling out
  • Rear opening can be swapped by loosening the 4 thumbscrews and replacing with included clamp on backs featuring diameters of 114mm, 110mm, 104mm, 100mm, 95mm, and 87mm


  • Dimensions: 228.6 x 76.2 x 203.2mm / 9 x 3 x 8"
  • Weight: 807.4g / 1.78lbs
  • Mattebox with 3x 4x5.65 filter stages
  • Clamp On 114mm, 110mm, 104mm, 100mm, 95mm, 87mm, 80mm Backs
  • Top Flag


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