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Zip Box 138mm Round (100-105mm)

Wooden Camera

Zip Box 138mm Round (100-105mm)

100-105mm 138mm Round Zip Box

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Zip Box 138mm Round (100-105mm) holds one 138mm filter or diopter and clamps to the front of lenses between 100 and 105mm in exterior lens diameter. It can hold a 138mm diopter of any strength due to the open front of the Zip Box. The lens shade design allows for even the widest lenses and sensor sizes to be covered without vignetting. Zip Box is extremely lightweight and weighs about the same as a standard filter which makes it perfect for gimbal and drone use. Stainless steel components and unibody rubber design are very durable and stand up to the toughest conditions.


  • Weight: 136 g / 0.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 38.1 x 165.1 mm diameter/ (1.5 x 6.75" diameter

Lens Compatibility:

Works with these lenses but note that this is not a comprehensive list so many more will work:

Scneider Lenses:

  • Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 18mm/T2.2
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 25mm/T2.2
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 35mm/T2.1
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 50mm/T2.0
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 75mm/T2.0
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 95mm/T2.0

ARRI Lenses:

  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 12/T2.0
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 14/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 16/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 20/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 24/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 28/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 32/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 40/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 50/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 65/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 85/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 100/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 135/T1.9
  • ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 180/T1.9
Wooden Camera Zip Box 138mm Round (80-85mm)
Zip Box 138mm Round (80-85mm)

80-85mm, 138mm Round Zip Box

Wooden Camera Zip Box 138mm Round (90-95mm)
Zip Box 138mm Round (90-95mm)

90-95mm 138mm Round Zip Box

Wooden Camera Zip Box 138mm Round (110-115mm)
Zip Box 138mm Round (110-115mm)

110-115mm 138mm Round Zip Box

Wooden Camera Zip Box Flag Set (Top and Sides)
Zip Box Flag Set (Top and Sides)

Top and Side Flag Set for the Zip Box


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