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Preston MDR3 | MDR4 Ultra Arm Ball

Wooden Camera

Preston MDR3 | MDR4 Ultra Arm Ball

Ultra Arm Ball for the Preston MDR3 / MDR4

Product Code: WC-251000

Suggested Retail Price £80+VAT

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Wooden Camera New Accessories for the Preston MDR3

In this video Wooden Camera talk about different mounting options for the Preston MDR3

  • A component of Wooden Camera's Ultra Arm lineup which has a mounting bracket for the Preston MDR3/MDR4
  • Can be combined with the Double Ball Clamp and other Ultra Arm accessories to build custom configurations
  • This component is also compatible with existing 3rd party 25mm ball mounts


  • Weight: 181.437 g / 0.11lbs
  • Dimensions: 101.6 x 25.4 x 50.8 mm / 4 x 1 x 2"


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