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Teradek Ranger Micro | 3G-SDI/HDMI - Wireless TX - 750 No-Mount


Ranger Micro

3G-SDI/HDMI - Wireless TX - 750 No-Mount

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  • Zero-delay wireless video for live production
    Go from TX to RX in .001 seconds – perfect for IMAG and live event production
    Transmit video in exceptional detail – superior to HEVC and H.264 solutions
    Keep your video transmission confidential and secure
    Make adjustments to the frequency of your signal in 5MHz increments
    Operate from 4.9GHz to 6.4GHz on licensed and unlicensed bands
    Pair any previous and current Ranger systems together

Experience Zero-Delay

The average latency for RF-based wireless video transmission is 30.8ms. But the human eye can detect a delay as low as 13ms. That’s why we designed Ranger: the only wireless video solution to achieve true zero-delay (<1ms) with visually lossless picture quality. And now with 6GHz support (U-NII 5), you gain access to 12 newly-opened RF channels – allowing you to operate without interference.

Premium Wireless Video for Broadcast

State-of-the-art hardware. Designed for professional video production. The Ranger Series is powered by our Emmy® & Academy Award-winning technology for zero-delay wireless video transmission. It boasts a maximum range of 5,000 feet (1,524 meters). And it works seamlessly within a variety of professional broadcast, sports, and ENG applications, including hand-held gimbals, drones, and shoulder-mounted production cameras.

Licensed & Unlicensed Bands

With the number of wireless devices on the rise, and a limited amount of frequency bands to choose from, there is little room for your signal to move without interference or disruption. But with Ranger, you have options: 5 GHz for general use, licensed band frequencies for special events, and the new 6 GHz U-NII-5 band for 12 new channels of uncongested wireless spectrum.

See if your area supports 6 GHz >

Patented Zero-Delay Technology

When a delay in audio and video transmission is noticeable, it’s nearly impossible to give your fans a lifelike experience. Ranger’s patented zero-delay technology solves this problem. With Ranger, your audio and video signals are transmitted with ultra-low latency – even in 4K60 – providing a visually lossless and engaging experience for your viewers.


Pair any combination of Ranger TX and RX together – regardless of model. That means your production can quickly scale and operate a variety of Ranger systems best suited to your environment, despite differences in transmission range*.
*Mixed Ranger systems operate with a range of the lowest paired model. 6 GHz operation requires support on both the TX and RX.

Configure Ranger From Your Phone

  • Command your wireless workflow from the palm of your hand.
  • Pair transmitters and receivers with the touch of a button
  • Measure and analyze the frequency and amplitude of a signal
  • View live channel strength for licensed/unlicensed bands
  • Monitor your live RF spectrum bandwidth
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