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Teradek Prism 801 | 4K HEVC encoding / decoding solution for next generation IP video workflows - 1 RU (Chassis Only)


Prism 801

4K HEVC encoding / decoding solution for next generation IP video workflows - 1 RU (Chassis Only)

Product Code: TER102801

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  • 4K / UHD encoding / decoding at up to 60 fps
  • 1RU (3-card) Chassis
  • HEVC / H.264 compression
  • 10-bit, 4:2:2 image quality
  • 8-channels of audio per card
  • Optional redundant network and power options
  • Up to 4 simultaneous 1080p60 encoders per card
  • Genlock input
  • IFB communications
  • SRT-ready
Teradek Prism 853
Prism 853

4K 10bit HEVC/AVC 12G-SDI Encoder Card for Prism

Teradek Prism 873
Prism 873

4K 10bit HEVC/AVC 12G-SDI Decoder Card for Prism

Teradek Prism 851
Prism 851

1080p 10bit HEVC/AVC Encoder Card

Teradek Prism 871
Prism 871

1080p 10bit HEVC/AVC Decoder Card

Holdan 2021 | The Evolution of video throughout the pandemic

March 2020 and as lockdown started it was all about getting better and better web cams. We saw how awful the Zoom interviews on the news looked, all blocky backlit shadows and up-nose shots. A simple LED panel light would make a huge difference, and these flew out of the warehouse. The LEDGO LG-E268C has been on my desk ever since, on a tiny light stand which cost me £5.

AV Over Global Networks

AV over IP is a fantastic concept and technologies like SDvoe are rapidly becoming established in the industry, but SDvoe relies on super-fast, super-optimised 10G networks, and the data-rate needed to send video this way is much too high to bridge distant locations, so for this purpose a different technology is required.

Teradek Prism: the challenger broadcast encoder

If the 1930s have parallels with the 2020s, then the world of media is ready for a revolution.Economic downturn, the threat of mass unemployment, tension on the world stage, dustbowls in America… there are some striking similarities to today. And just as post-war audiences flocked to new chains of cinema to distract themselves from the pain of the Great Depression, today the public is consuming entertainment TV as never before. The Teradek Prism encoder is part of the solution.

Remote HDR: Collaboration in Post

Like any encoding and decoding platform, Teradek Prism was originally designed for broadcasters and webcasters. Because the system is a 10-bit HDR video device, it is generating interest from post houses as a remote collaboration, and real-time monitoring platform. With producers, directors, investors, editors and colourists working independently and remotely, Prism meets a very real need in the market by offering a solution developed with input from Technicolor and Netflix.  Currently, there are many ways to share, monitor and collaborate video from remote locations. These include the use of lower resolution proxies (unsuitable for judging colours and image nuance), video conferencing technology (often heavily compressed distorting the image) or dedicated fibre links (superb but expensive and limited to specific locations). 

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