Link Pro Radome


Link Pro Radome

Wireless Access Point Router + Outdoor Cellular Antenna housing for 4 Teradek Nodes - Europe & Asia Pacific


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Teradek Link Pro @ NAB 2018

Richard Payne gives a quick overview of the Teradek Link Pro High Performance Bonded Cellular WiFi Access Point

Link Pro

  • High Performance Bonded Cellular WiFi Access Point
  • 2.4 / 5GHz | 802.11ac WiFi with 1000 ft. range
  • Supports up to 4x 3G / 4G / LTE modems, including Teradek Nodes
  • Gold- or V-mount battery mount available
  • Perfect for web browsing and streaming video from any H.264 or HEVC encoder
  • Core subscription required for bonding


  • Outdoor Cellular Antenna housing for 4 Teradek Nodes
  • Radome attaches to a Link Pro standalone modem for optimized Node placement
  • Designed for installation on vehicles (EMS, law enforcement, industrial, etc.) to endure the harshest of elements and weather and provide a consistent Internet connection anywhere you go

What Is It?

Link Pro combines every modem’s cellular network into a single, robust Internet connection and allows devices to connect to it for WiFi. By bonding several connections into one, the Link Pro eliminates any single point of failure, with multiple connections to provide a backup in case one network drops.

This allows for mission critical broadcasts to receive signal in the most demanding of cellular RF conditions, like 4G congested areas or remote locations where normal consumer modems wouldn’t receive a connection.

3 Forms
Standalone Unit

Featuring a super rugged aluminum chassis, the standalone is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Doesn’t contain


The Link Pro Backpack contains the router, 4x Nodes and a ventilation system that keeps the backpack cool while you travel as a portable access point.


For more industrial and emergency applications, the radome is a Link Pro/Node housing unit installed on vehicles (EMS, law enforcement, etc.). This design protects it from the harshest of elements while providing a constant Internet connection to devices near the vehicle.

What Are Teradek Nodes?

Nodes are high-powered 3G/4G/LTE modems that provide 2 to 3 times the performance of carrier-branded modems. Used by enterprise broadcasters to get cellular signal in locations where normal devices like phones wouldn’t.

What Is It?

Link Pro is a dual-band WiFi router that can bond up to 4x Teradek Node modems (3G/4G/LTE) and 2x Ethernet connections for maximum portability & redundancy. It features both 2.4GHz & 5GHz spectrums, and has a 1,000 ft. max range.

*A subscription to Teradek’s Core platform is required for bonding.

Who Is It For?


It’s not enough to rely on a single Internet connection for deploying video over IP, whether that’s live streaming or point-to-point transport. In situations where a single connection isn’t enough, the Link Pro ensures that you have maximum bandwidth to deliver your video to its destination via IP.


Link Pro is built to endure constant use in rough environments, and allows users to transmit crucial information over the Internet wherever they are. Its powerful range makes it more versatile for applications that require mobility.


EMS vehicles rely on the Internet to transfer life-saving info to medical professionals before arriving at the destination. The Link Pro will ensure emergency services have the necessary bandwidth to get the job done.


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