Teradek Bond

3G and 4G Bonding Solution for Remote Video Transmission

Product Now discontinued

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Deliver HD from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. A true marvel of engineering, this device can host 3G and 4G dongles from any cellular network (or networks) for video transmission at high data rates. Incredible power from such a tiny device.

Teradek Cube and Bond Case Study

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Teradek Bond Case Study

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IBC 2012 - Teradek Bond

Three highly innovative professional streaming products for broadcasters, film makers and AV units.

  • Allows on location video transmission over mobile networks
  • HD Streaming Over Multiple 3G Networks
  • Includes MPEG-TS Compliant AGGREGATION Software: Sputnik
  • Compatible with CUBE-155, CUBE-150, CUBE-250 and CUBE-550
  • 2-pin power connector
  • For Teradek mounting, power and cabling accessories, click here

* Requires CUBE-155, CUBE-150 / CUBE-250 / CUBE-550

** The optional MPEG-TS software licence is required in order to stream from Bond to a decoder

Teradek Bond allows on-location video transmission over mobile networks by combining multiple 3G dongles to give fast reliable upload speeds at a fraction of the cost and size of alternatives. 

Quality video can be uploaded to the internet or to a receiver from anywhere with a 3G network from this camera mounted device. The combination of Cube and Bond is the smallest, lowest power and most cost effective 3G bonding solution available.

HD Streaming Over Multiple 3G Networks
Achieved by incorporating cutting edge technologies such as low power hardware-based video compression and advanced streaming options like MPEG-TS, RTMP, with Teradek's revolutionary Adaptive Internet Streaming technology, which constantly adjusts bit rate and buffering on the fly based on varying network conditions.

Includes MPEG-TS Compliant AGGREGATION Software: Sputnik To re-combine the multiple data streams, we have developed Sputnik, Teradek's proprietary aggregation software. Sputnik is available as a free download and can be run on any Linux server or hosted in the cloud to reconstruct your video into a single MPEG-TS stream that is compatible with most H.264 IP decoders, including the Cube decoder -- the smallest and lowest priced H.264 to HD-SDI decoder available.

Teradek Bond is compatible with CUBE-155, CUBE-150, CUBE-250 and CUBE-550.

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.14

New Features

  • None

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Twitch API - authentication change prevented devices from logging in
  • Special characters can now be used in Periscope post titles

Bug Fixes

  • Bond II front panel did not start correctly
  • Max bitrate was not set correctly when streaming to Core
  • Periscope API errors occurred after reboots of authenticated devices
  • Group, Event, and Video support were missing from Facebook settings
  • YouTube event caption settings were being set to disabled when captions were not present in stream
  • Decoder cloud settings page displayed encoder text

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.13

New Features

  • Added Periscope support
  • Front Panel can be disabled by holding left on menu button

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Twitch API
  • Selected company can be changed without logging out of Core account

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Wireless configuration for Bond did not take effect
  • Fixed support for some USB modems
  • T-RAX card configuration interface was not restarted after errors
  • Decoder's Sputnik address configuration failed to apply

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.12

New Features

  • Added support for YouTube Stream Now
  • Added support for RTSP Authentication with Panasonic cameras
  • Added B frame support option to decoders, enable this if you encoder supports b-frames. Tested with Canon XF205

Changes and Improvements

  • Additional improvements to decoder performance

Bug Fixes

  • Video streams to Sputnik could fail if Sputnik server restarted
  • Live:Air could not retrieve snapshots from T-RAX encoders
  • Changing the Sputnik/Core max buffer length setting didn't take effect without restarting the encoder
  • Canon HDMI record flags did not trigger recordings
  • Decoder output settings listed 720p59, 1080i59 twice

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • Bond
  • 110 - 240 VAC Power Supply (With International Adapters)
  • Bit 708 2-pin to 2-pin Power
  • Hot Shoe Mounting Adapter (Short and Long)
  • USB Cable
  • USB Drive with TeraCentral Management Software
  • Mounting Plates (For USB Modem Retention)
  • User Guide