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Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre


Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

Lighweight slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements - Long Track

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The Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre is a versatile, feather-light option for the intrepid time-lapse photographer and filmmaker. Endlessly extendable, and packed away to 60cm/2’ sections, the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre means never having to sacrifice camera gear for suitcase space again. Complete Slider package that includes Track, End Caps and Carriage.

Create smooth tracking shots at any length you desire. Lightweight and highly portable the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre allows you the freedom to take a slider with you anywhere.

  • Infinitely Extendable
    Endless possibilities await with the ability to add as many extensions as your shot requires while keeping the classic stability offered by the Magic Carpet line – and your pack weight down!
  • Extreme Portability + Lightweight
    The Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre keeps your kit light, perfect for travel both by air or foot. The centre track weighs 670 grams and each extension and bracket a further 380 grams, maximising portability while ensuring fluid, stable tracking motion.
  • Tripod Mountable
    Use the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre with your favourite tripod set up. Each centre track has three ¾’ mountable points and further mountable points are built in to each Extension bracket for ultimate stability.
  • Seamless Join
    Create incredible long distance time-lapse while keeping the silky smoothness and stability of a short track. Each interlocking Extension screws seamlessly into place, keeping your set up time to a minimum and your shots polished.
  • Motion Control Ready
    Use the new Carbon Fibre track with your existing motion control system for simple, versatile shot setup. The Carbon Fibre Magic Carpet is ‘Genie compatible’ and each Carriage and End Caps comes motion control ready with integrated rope attachments. Like the existing Magic Carpet, all you have to do is click in the linear accessory, set your move and shoot!
  • Vertical Operation
    Smooth vertical shots aren’t a problem with the Carbon Fibre Track. The End Caps and Carriage have an in-built counterweight system for use with heavier setups and combined with the Genie, you can achieve fluid, consistent upwards and downwards video and time-lapse shots.
  • Compatible With Mc End Caps & Carriage
    Already got a Magic Carpet Track with Carriage and End Caps? Perfect! The existing End Caps and Carriage are universally designed to be interchangeable not only amongst the original Magic Carpet lengths, but with the Carbon Fibre Track too. This means you’ll still be getting the silky smooth stability from the existing roller bearing carriage with the benefits of a much lighter setup.
  • 3 Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Kits Available
    Short Track | Medium Track | Long Track


  • Dimensions: 5.9ft (1800m) x 5″ (125mm)
  • Mount Type: Track Base: left, right & 2 centre for mounting tripods (3/8″ thread) | Extensions Base: centre + left or right option (3/8″ thread) | Carriage: 1/4″ or 3/8″ reversible screw for mounting cameras/ballheads
  • Payload: 5kg / 11lbs
  • Weight: 2.26kg / 5lbs
Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre
Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

Lighweight slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements - Short Track

Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre
Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

Lighweight slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements - Medium Track

Syrp Magic Carpet End Caps and Carriage
Magic Carpet End Caps and Carriage

Replacement End Caps and Carriage for the standard Magic Carpet or the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

Why do you need a camera slider, and how do you pick the right one for you?

You don’t necessarily need a slider. But like anything in your kit bag that produces a better shot, you often wonder later how you lived without it. The high-end movie business realised very early on that a good moving shot usually beats a static one. They spend millions on cranes, dollies and track equipment and then repeatedly go through all the logistics of getting this sometimes huge equipment in place. All this in the pursuit of smooth and precise camera movement - even if the shot only lasts a few seconds! Believe me they wouldn’t put themselves to this trouble without a good reason.

Syrp Appoints UK and Ireland Distributor

Syrp (, a world leader in fluid support and motion control products for film, video and photographic production, has announced a new distribution partnership in the UK and Ireland. Holdan will now work exclusively with Syrp to offer pre-sales advice, marketing and product sales via its extensive network of professional resellers. The Syrp range includes a number of motion control products, smooth slider systems, cable cams, and pan tilt heads. Syrp will sit alongside Holdan’s growing distribution portfolio of professional camera technology that includes Wooden Camera, Teradek, Movcam, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Blackmagic and SmallHD.


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