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Syrp Magic Carpet | Simple, durable slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements - Long Track


Magic Carpet

Simple, durable slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements - Long Track

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The Magic Carpet is a simple, durable slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements. Motion control ready and Genie friendly with smooth roller bearings and built-in rope hooks. Complete Slider package that includes Track, End Caps and Carriage.

The Magic Carpet is the perfect lightweight slider solution for manual tracking shots which comes motion control ready. With quick release adjustable legs, a counter weight roller for vertical shots, and high precision ball bearing rollers, the Magic Carpet is ready for quick setup and precision filmmaking.

  • Buttery Smooth Camera Moves
    With a full roller bearing carriage and lightweight construction the Magic Carpet slider is extremely portable and is an essential tool for smooth manual tracking shots all the way from entry level DSLRs up to Red Epics.
  • Motion Control Ready
    Add amazing production value to your films! The Magic Carpet comes motion control ready with integrated rope attachments for the Genie. Shoot ultra smooth motion control time-lapse and real-time video with minimal setup time.
  • Lockable Brake
    The Magic Carpet Carriage comes equip with a lockable brake for safe transport and portability.
  • Vertical Operation
    Use the integrated counterbalance system to lift heavier camera setups vertically. Combined with the Genie you can achieve smooth upward and downward motion control moves.
  • Quick Release Legs
    The Magic Carpet comes with fully adjustable ‘tool-less’ quick release legs enabling quick-setup that also fold away for transportation. Precise levelling is achieved using the feet for fine height adjustments.
  • Tripod Mountable
    Mount the Magic Carpet straight onto your tripod legs or tripod head using either the 1/4″ UNC or 3/8″ UNC thread. Both the short and long tracks come with multiple mount points to attach your tripod(s). Use one tripod in the centre or two at either end for greater stability and heavier payloads.
  • Interchangeable Carriage + End Caps
    The End Caps & Carriage are universally designed to be interchangeable between the short and long length tracks. This enables the flexibility to easily upgrade to a longer or shorter length track without the need of buying another full slider system.
  • Reversible Camera Thread
    The Magic Carpet comes with a reversible thread so you can quickly switch between a 3/8″ UNC thread and a 1/4″ UNC thread. This allows for either attaching a camera straight to the slider or using a ballhead or tripod head for larger video cameras.
  • 3 Magic Carpet Kits Available
    Short Track | Medium Track | Long Track
  • Magic Carpet Carry Bag
    Add the Magic Carpet Carry Bag for easy-transport and to protect your tracks from dust and scratches. The carry bags are available for either the short or long tracks and are sold separately. To add one to your cart visit the accessories page.


  • Dimensions: 5.2ft (1600m) x 5″ (125mm
  • Mount Type: Track Base: left, right & centre for mounting tripods (1/4 & 3/8″ thread) | Carriage: 1/4″ or 3/8″ reversable screw for mounting cameras/ballheads
  • Payload: 5kg \ 11lbs
  • Weight: 2.6kg \ 5.8lbs
Syrp Magic Carpet Brake Cam
Magic Carpet Brake Cam

Replacement Brake Cam for the Magic Carpet

Syrp Magic Carpet Tracks
Magic Carpet Tracks

Extend the Magic Carpet or replace existing track - Short Track

Syrp Magic Carpet Tracks
Magic Carpet Tracks

Extend the Magic Carpet or replace existing track - Medium Track

Syrp Magic Carpet Tracks
Magic Carpet Tracks

Extend the Magic Carpet or replace existing track - Long Track

Syrp Magic Carpet End Caps and Carriage
Magic Carpet End Caps and Carriage

Replacement End Caps and Carriage for the standard Magic Carpet or the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

Syrp Magic Carpet Track Bag
Magic Carpet Track Bag

Bag for the Magic Carpet Short Track

Syrp Magic Carpet End Cap Single
Magic Carpet End Cap Single

Single replacement Magic Carpet end cap only.

Syrp Magic Carpet Long Thread Adapter
Magic Carpet Long Thread Adapter

Magic Carpet Long Thread Adapter

Syrp Magic Carpet Reversible Screw
Magic Carpet Reversible Screw

Reversible Mounting Screw for Magic Carpet Carriage with both 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threads

Syrp Magic Carpet Rubber Foot
Magic Carpet Rubber Foot

Replacement Magic Carpet Rubber Foot

Syrp Tilt Platform
Tilt Platform

Camera Mount to Capture shots at unique angles

Syrp’s sweet spot for B cameras

As a single operator, how do you make interviews look dynamic and interesting? And how do you make them easy to edit? The answer is simple, but the result can be stunning. Firstly, you interview your subject from static Camera A, while moving camera B back and forth. You automate the movements of Camera B using Syrp’s slider, mobile app and motion control products. The constant panning cut in with the static camera gives a truly televisual look, and unlike with a single camera angle, there’s no risk of jump cuts in the edit stage.

Syrp Appoints UK and Ireland Distributor

Syrp (, a world leader in fluid support and motion control products for film, video and photographic production, has announced a new distribution partnership in the UK and Ireland. Holdan will now work exclusively with Syrp to offer pre-sales advice, marketing and product sales via its extensive network of professional resellers. The Syrp range includes a number of motion control products, smooth slider systems, cable cams, and pan tilt heads. Syrp will sit alongside Holdan’s growing distribution portfolio of professional camera technology that includes Wooden Camera, Teradek, Movcam, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Blackmagic and SmallHD.

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