Steiner Commander Thermal | Thermal imaging device for adverse weather and night use


Commander Thermal

Thermal imaging device for adverse weather and night use

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  • Thermal imaging device for adverse weather and night use
  • Get the sharpest thermal images thanks to the state-of-the-art 640x480 thermal sensor
  • High-speed software generates the best image in all weather conditions (rain, snow, fog)
  • High-quality OLED display with a resolution of 1280x960 will improve recognition and identification
  • High-contrast images with precise contours by providing a NETD < 35 for an advanced image enhancement
  • Specially adapted buttons for ease of use combined with a very light housing
  • Waterproof and durable Makrolon polycarbonate housing for a virtually indestructible surface that withstands temperatures from -10°C to +50°C
  • Ergonomic and changeable eyecup for comfortable observation at all times
  • Continuous working time of more than 8.5 hours with on-hand exchangeable batteries and power bank compatible

The Steiner Commander has always been a guarantee of ultimate safety and support at sea; the new Commander Thermal will not only meet but also further elevate this standard. Today, we promise you outstanding observation performance as always, along with technological innovation and reliability.

The Thermal device from Steiner offers the perfect equipment for all water sports enthusiasts, providing them with safety and precise navigation on the water as well as the most demanding challenges. It provides essential support when navigating during the day or in complete darkness. It also ensures clear visibility of lighted and unlighted buoys, floating objects, other boats and harbour entrances.

In summary, the Commander thermal offers significant advantages over analogue binoculars, especially in challenging lighting and visibility conditions, early hazard detection, and search and rescue operations at sea. It is, therefore, a valuable addition to a sailor's equipment, significantly enhancing safety and efficiency at sea.

Excellent visibility at night and in bad weather

The thermal imaging device complements the sailor's equipment for situations in complete darkness and adverse conditions such as fog. Thanks to its advanced thermal imaging technology, it requires no light source and provides mariners with clear vision, even in the absence of visible light.

Maximum safety at sea

This device not only ensures excellent night vision but also detects potential dangers such as other boats or obstacles at an early stage. This makes a significant contribution to accident prevention and increasing safety at sea.

Excellent navigation

The Commander Thermal provides sailors and adventurers with optimal navigation capabilities on the high seas, even in challenging conditions such as rough seas, darkness, fog and bad weather. It precisely shows visible and unlit buoys as well as harbour entrances in low visibility conditions.

Ideal companion for expeditions

Adventurers who explore remote areas appreciate the reliability and versatility of the Commander Thermal. Thanks to its outstanding performance, temperature differences can be clearly displayed, making it easier to detect living creatures and objects with the lowest heat signature.

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