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Sonnet MacCuff Mini 2 | The Ultimate Security Mount for locking your Mac Mini


MacCuff Mini 2

The Ultimate Security Mount for locking your Mac Mini


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All new Sonnet products purchased on or after January 1, 2019, have a two-year limited warranty, except as listed here. All new Sonnet products purchased on or before December 31, 2018, have a one-year limited warranty, except as listed here.

  • Secures Your Mac mini to the Back of a Monitor - Mounts to your display’s extra VESA mounting holes (VESA 75 and 100 patterns supported) with included screws
  • Secures Your Mac mini Under or On a Desk or Table, or Even On a Wall - Simple installation using included drill template and included screws
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Design with a Refined Finish - Prevents scratches while protecting your computer
  • Provides Wraparound, Pry-Resistant Security - With the included steel locking bar(2) installed and your padlock attached, your computer is secured on all sides
  • Kensington Lock Compatible - Includes Kensington Security Slot on locking bar
  • Simple Installation - Includes concise documentation
  • Includes 35 cm (14 inch) HDMI Monitor Cable - Reduces cable clutter when MacCuff mini 2 attached to the back of your monitor
  • Offers Simple Cable Management - Enables you to secure power cord and other cables; prevents accidental unplugging

Mac Compatibility

  • Mac mini [mid 2010 (4,1) through early 2020 (current)]
  • Apple® Airport Time Capsule® (first-fourth generation; early 2008-mid 2011 square, low-profile models)

Technical Notes

  1. The included locking bar is intended for use as a theft deterrent and will provide added security ONLY when used with a lock (sold separately).
  2. Not compatible with monitors that attach their monitor stands to the monitor using the VESA holes.

Versatile and Secure Mounting for Mac mini

Move your Mac mini off the desktop! Sonnet’s MacCuff™ mini 2 security mounting bracket frees up space by attaching your computer to the back of a display—or to a desk, shelf, or wall—while allowing full access to its ports and power switch. Attached on the back of a display using its extra VESA mounting holes(1) (four holes in a square pattern), the MacCuff mini 2 securely holds your Mac mini in place.

Placed on the back of a display, your computer disappears leaving only cables to hide - Sonnet includes a special 35cm (14-inch) short HDMI monitor cable to simplify that task. MacCuff mini 2 also supports simple cable management to help tame cable clutter.

Where to Mount

Many displays include extra VESA mounting holes (four holes in a square pattern), perfect for attaching a MacCuff mini 2.

Heavy Duty, Light Touch

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, MacCuff mini 2 firmly holds your Mac mini in place, yet delivers a light touch—its refined double powder-coated finish won’t scuff or scratch the computer.

Wraparound Security

Unlike cheap brackets that merely hold a computer in place, or others that provide minimal protection, MacCuff mini 2 is pry-resistant and provides theft deterrence all around.

Lock It Up

With the included steel locking bar(2) installed and your padlock (sold separately) attached, MacCuff mini 2 is resistant and secures your computer on all sides.

Kensington Lock Ready

Secure the Mac mini and the monitor with one Kensington® lock!

Easy Installation

MacCuff mini 2 installation is simple. Sonnet provides easy-to-follow instructions (in case you actually need them), and the necessary hardware to secure the bracket. For back-of-monitor mounting, just use the four supplied machine screws. For under-desk, tabletop, or wall mounting, simply tape the included drill hole guide to the surface, drill pilot holes, and then secure MacCuff mini 2 using the four supplied wood screws.

Expanding the possibilities of your Mac with Sonnet

In the dynamic world of Mac computing, Sonnet Technologies stands as the unsung hero of expansion solutions, redefining the capabilities of your Mac with a blend of practical and functional products. While their Thunderbolt™ docks and PCIe expansion chassis have long been industry favourites, let's explore the Mac specific products that house and increase the capabilities of your Apple devices.

  • 1x MacCuff mini 2 Bracket
  • 1x Locking bar(1)
  • 1x 35cm (14") HDMI cable
  • 4x wood screws
  • 4x machine screws
  • 2x cable ties
  • Documentation with drill template
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