SmallHD 702 Lite and LP-E6 Battery Kit

702 Lite HDMI/SDI On-Camera Monitor and LP-E6 Battery Kit

Suggested List Price: £920+VAT

Product Code: SHD-MON702LLPKIT

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SmallHD Monitors

Overview of the SmallHD Monitor range

SmallHD 700 Series Overview

The SmallHD 700 Series has been expanded... the daylight viewable 702 Bright is now joined by the 701 and 702 Lite on-camera monitors.

  • 702 Lite HDMI/SDI On-Camera Monitor + Battery Kit
  • Battery and Charger Kit

Kit includes:


New to OS3

  • Auto-Calibration
    Using the official SmallHD color probe, auto-calibration can be initiated simply by attaching the probe to the monitor via USB and letting the monitor do its thing. Watch our Auto-Calibration How-To Video
  • Customizeable False Color (Exposure Assist)
    Creating a visual, data-driven exposure tool has never been this customizable. Create up to 10 different IRE ranges, with custom color assignments, and start using False Color exactly how you want to.
  • Spot Metering in LUMA Waveform
    Adding to SmallHD’s customizable Waveform tool is the ability to highlight and monitor critical areas of your image. Using a spot meter box with an adjustable size, the targeted area’s data becomes easy to see on the Waveform.
  • Image Gallery Viewer
    Screen captures and images loaded onto SmallHD monitors via SD card can now be accessed in an image gallery. Quickly glance at dozens of frame grabs from a day of shooting, and do so without being connected to your camera.
  • Adjustable White Point
    We’ve added support for the following white points for the desired input space and monitor calibration: D65, DCI-P3, 3000K, 5000K, 5600K, 9300K.
  • SmallHD FOCUS now accepts 4K30
    The SmallHD FOCUS monitor will now accept video signals up to 4K30 via HDMI. Shooters will see an improvement in image quality while shooting in 4K and using the Zoom feature to magnify their image.

Firmware Update 2.7

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a specific camera incompatibility with Nikon D500 camera via HDMI
  • Minor improvements made to improve firmware stability

Firmware Update 2.6 for SmallHD 500 & 700 Series Monitors

Bugs Fixed:

  • Minor improvements made to improve firmware stability.

Firmware Update 2.5 for SmallHD 500 & 700 Series Monitors

Bugs Fixed:

  • Arri camera compatibility is now available. This was corrected with a more robust format handling to correct specific camera incompatibility.

500 & 700 Series with Firmware 2.4


Bugs Fixed:

  • Monitors displaying Update System Controller Firmware Status bar at boot time now boot correctly.
  • Any version of firmware prior to V2.4 will result in a monitor which displays the status bar again at boot.
  • Fixed Monitors with Joysticks that would not motion LEFT.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x 702 Lite Monitor
  • 2 x LP-E6 Batteries
  • 1 x LP-E6 Battery Charger