SmallHD 502

5-inch on-camera 1080p Full HD monitor

Suggested List Price: £995+VAT

Product Code: SHD-MON502

Where to buy

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SmallHD 501

5-inch on-camera 1080p Full HD monitor - HDMI

Product Code: SHD-MON501

Suggested List price: £775+VAT

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Optional Extras

SmallHD Color Probe

SmallHD Color Probe

Utilize the OS3 auto-calibration feature with the official SmallHD color probe by Xrite


Suggested List Price: £260+VAT

SmallHD 2-Pin Connector to D-Tap Kit

SmallHD 2-Pin Connector to D-Tap Kit

DCA5 2-Pin Adapter for 500 and 700 Series


Suggested List Price: £254+VAT

SmallHD On-Camera Monitor Dual Power Pack

SmallHD On-Camera Monitor Dual Power Pack

LP-E6 Style Battery and Charger Kit


Suggested List Price: £135+VAT

SmallHD LP-E6 to D-Tap Adapter Kit

SmallHD LP-E6 to D-Tap Adapter Kit

LP-E6 Style Battery with Barrel Connetor to D-Tap Adaptor Cable


Suggested List Price: £127+VAT

SmallHD 500 Series Cable Lock

SmallHD 500 Series Cable Lock

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Product Code: SHD-ACC500-CBLLOCK

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SmallHD On-Camera Monitor Power Pack

SmallHD On-Camera Monitor Power Pack

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Suggested List Price: £113+VAT

SmallHD Faux LP-E6 Adapter

SmallHD Faux LP-E6 Adapter

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Product Code: SHD-PWRADP-DCA5

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SmallHD StrongArm 7

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SmallHD Monitor Remote Control

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SmallHD 500 Series Monitor Case

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SmallHD Sun Hood

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Product Code: SHD-ACCHOOD500

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SmallHD 500 Series Pan Tilt Mount

SmallHD 500 Series Pan Tilt Mount

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Suggested List Price: £54+VAT

SmallHD Anti-Glare Screen Protector

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Product Code: SHD-ACCSP500PROK

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SmallHD Neoprene Sleeve

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Product Code: SHD-ACCSLEEVE5

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SmallHD Hot Shoe Ball Mount

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SmallHD 24-inch Thin Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

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Suggested List Price: £11+VAT

SmallHD Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Product Code: SHD-ACCCLOTH

Suggested List Price: £1+VAT

The SmallHD 502 has a small 5″ screen and is incredibly lightweight. Its 1920x1080 LCD display and very high pixel density delivers superbly rich and sharp images. This is an incredibly advanced tool with advanced scopes, an image capture function, signal conversion and 3D LUTs.

"For its innovative design and multi-tasking functionality, we recognize the 502 and Sidefinder combo the best reference monitor of NAB 2015."


SmallHD OS3 - Our Biggest Firmware Update Ever!

OS3 has something to offer for every filmmaker. The free downloadable update comes with a host of new features for all current SmallHD on-camera and production monitors (FOCUS, 500 Series, 700 Series, UltraBrights, 1300 Series, 1700 Series, 2400 Series, and 3200 Series)

SmallHD Firmware 2.2 Update for 500 Series and 700 Series Monitors

The latest firmware update for SmallHD 500 and 700 Series monitors adds Vectorscope, a library of Reverse LOG LUTs, and several more useful tools/improvements

SmallHD Monitors

Overview of the SmallHD Monitor range

SmallHD 502 - SideFinder User Review

SmallHD 502 & SideFinder Review by Philip Johnston from HD Warrior

SmallHD Firmware 2.0 Update for 500 Series monitors and Sidefinder

Wes Phillips of SmallHD gives an overview of the Firmware 2.0 Update for the 500 Series Monitors

Firmware 1.1 Update for 500 Series Monitors and Sidefinder

SmallHD Adds Waveform, Audio Meters, and Anamorphic Desqueeze to 500 Series

SmallHD 500 Series At-A-Glance

Example of the user experience of the 501 and 502 on-camera monitors by SmallHD

SmallHD 502

SmallHD 502 On-Camera Monitor | Product Introduction

  • 5-inch on-camera 1080p Full HD monitor
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • SDI/HDMI Cross Conversion
  • Incredibly Light and Durable
  • Robust signal support
  • Best-in-class 3D LUT integration
  • 3 second boot time
  • SD Card slot – for loading LUTs and Firmware
  • Powered by Canon LP-E6 batteries
  • Weight: 215g / 7.5 oz

Technology Guides

The SmallHD 502 on-camera monitor features a Full HD, 1920x1080 LCD display. With a pixel density greater than
the iPhone 6, the 502 is the sharpest 5-inch camera-top monitor in the world. As far as color and contrast are
concerned, the 5-inch display is again, best-in-class. The 502’s LCD display is able to produce 85% NTSC Color
Gamut (greater than the REC. 709 color standard), rivaling the color capabilities of OLED technology.

Simple and powerful
The 502 makes signal processing simple. Using a custom-built processing engine, the 5-inch field monitor
will accept nearly any resolution and framerate from nearly any camera.
Building upon the 3D LUT functionality of the DP7-PRO Series, the 502 will allow shooters to apply an even
higher resolution, more accurate 3D LUT, in real-time. The value of a tool with this much processing power
is amplified when you consider its extremely low profile and compact size.

Compact size, without sacrificing strength
The size of the 502 hits a sweet spot for tack-sharp 1080P viewing while remaining extremely space-efficient.

Its size, weight and resolution make it an attractive option for DSLR shooters looking to attach it straight to the camera, while its robust mounting options and
durability allow the display to be used on a gimbal or shoulder rig without adding bulk.

Pure joystick integration
The joystick on the 502 on-camera monitor allows shooters to experience the flexibility of a touch screen display without all the downsides. An integrated joystick prevents smudge marks on the screen, camera jiggle during operation and reduces the overall cost of the device significantly.
Flexibility and ease-of-use are taken to the next level with the 502’s bluetooth remote. By mapping the physical interface and functionality of the 502’s joystick to a bluetooth remote, shooters will be able to interface with the monitor without physically touching the monitor.

Easy image analysis
The foundational purpose of an external monitor is to help shooters quickly and accurately analyse the image the camera is capturing (framing, focus, exposure, etc.). As advancing technology provides powerful analysis tools, how the user engages with these tools is often overlooked or neglected.
The goal when designing the user interface behind the 500 Series, was to create a powerful and flexible system that’s easy to learn.


New to OS3

  • Auto-Calibration
    Using the official SmallHD color probe, auto-calibration can be initiated simply by attaching the probe to the monitor via USB and letting the monitor do its thing. Watch our Auto-Calibration How-To Video
  • Customizeable False Color (Exposure Assist)
    Creating a visual, data-driven exposure tool has never been this customizable. Create up to 10 different IRE ranges, with custom color assignments, and start using False Color exactly how you want to.
  • Spot Metering in LUMA Waveform
    Adding to SmallHD’s customizable Waveform tool is the ability to highlight and monitor critical areas of your image. Using a spot meter box with an adjustable size, the targeted area’s data becomes easy to see on the Waveform.
  • Image Gallery Viewer
    Screen captures and images loaded onto SmallHD monitors via SD card can now be accessed in an image gallery. Quickly glance at dozens of frame grabs from a day of shooting, and do so without being connected to your camera.
  • Adjustable White Point
    We’ve added support for the following white points for the desired input space and monitor calibration: D65, DCI-P3, 3000K, 5000K, 5600K, 9300K.
  • SmallHD FOCUS now accepts 4K30
    The SmallHD FOCUS monitor will now accept video signals up to 4K30 via HDMI. Shooters will see an improvement in image quality while shooting in 4K and using the Zoom feature to magnify their image.

Firmware Update 2.7

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a specific camera incompatibility with Nikon D500 camera via HDMI
  • Minor improvements made to improve firmware stability

Firmware Update 2.6 for SmallHD 500 & 700 Series Monitors

Bugs Fixed:

  • Minor improvements made to improve firmware stability.

Firmware Update 2.5 for SmallHD 500 & 700 Series Monitors

Bugs Fixed:

  • Arri camera compatibility is now available. This was corrected with a more robust format handling to correct specific camera incompatibility.

500 & 700 Series with Firmware 2.4


Bugs Fixed:

  • Monitors displaying Update System Controller Firmware Status bar at boot time now boot correctly.
  • Any version of firmware prior to V2.4 will result in a monitor which displays the status bar again at boot.
  • Fixed Monitors with Joysticks that would not motion LEFT.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

What kind of SD card can I use with my 502 monitor?

For your 502 monitor you will need to use an SD card that is 16gb or smaller, formatted to fat32.
Larger SD cards most likely will not work.

Can I use ... Dtap cable with my 502 monitor?

You need to be careful when attaching a third party power source to your 502 monitor. It has an input range of 6.2V to 8.4V if you exceed 10v you can damage your monitor.

How do I power the 502 monitor?

Currently the only power option available is Canon LP-E6 batteries.

Will I be able to to buy the Sidefinder Loupe attachment for my 502 monitor separately?

Yes we will be selling the Sidefinder loupe attachment for the 502 monitor seperately once it is available. So you can buy the monitor now and add the Sidefinder loupe later.

SmallHD finishes IBC with a special monitor promotion

SmallHD finishes IBC with a special monitor promotion

SmallHD joins the Holdan line-up

We are pleased to welcome SmallHD to our product range.