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Slidekamera TURNTABLE | Rotary surface for product photography and video, for products up to 20kg



Rotary surface for product photography and video, for products up to 20kg

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  • Rotary surface for product photography and video, for products up to 20kg
  • Compatible with DRAGONFRAME software
  • Heavy-duty
  • Ideal for 360° Product Photography


One axis is just a beginning. The TURNTABLE is compatible with a wide variety of Slidekamera's motion controllers and devices and can be a part of a larger motion control system for stop-motion or live video.


Like all Slidekamera's drives, the TURNTABLE is compatible with DRAGONFRAME software. All you have to do is use the SLIDELINK v3.0 adapter to connect your multi-axis setup to the PC and use the industry-standard software for stop-motion animation. You can find the adapter built-in to the devices, such as PSU32E power supply.

With the SLIDELINK adapter you can play the move designed in DRAGONFRAME in realtime - you can use the software not only for stop-motion but also for live-action video.


Have you ever wanted to expand your product photography to the next level? Try 360° spinning photos!
Amount of immersive content on the web is growing. You can join this trend and create your dynamic pictures with ease with this desktop-sized TURNTABLE. It will speed up your workflow by automating the process of capturing multiple still images. It also works perfectly with a live-action video, thanks to Slidekamera's motion control technology.


The TURNTABLE is small and compact-sized, but don't be misled: it's a heavy-duty machine. It's made of machined aluminium and uses the same, reinforced gear, that is used in remote-controlled camera heads for heavy cameras. You can use it with a safe payload up to 20kg.

The table diameter is 32,5 cm (ca. 1' ft). The TURNTABLE has enough space for many products, but still, it's small enough to fit in desktop lightboxes.

The white top surface is removable - you can clean it or replace if it's worn out.
The aluminium plate is covered with 3/8" holes, that can be used to mount support for your products or to grip additional equipment.

  • MONOHEAD STUDIO 1-axis remote head
  • AKC-3 quick release system
  • Transport case
  • LEMO cable (selected length)
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