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Slidekamera TITAN SLIDER | Extremely rigid and precise slider - 1500mm



Extremely rigid and precise slider - 1500mm

Product Code: SLIDSPDUAL1500

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  • Extremely rigid and precise slider
  • Compact and durable
  • Can be used by a small crew, in the studio or outdoors
  • Ideal when there's a need for a very precise motion or setting up a full-size dolly is not an option


Due to the stainless steel mechanism of the cart, the TITAN SLIDER allows the operator to perform shots smooth as never before. It's designed with product photography or macro shots in mind - where there's no room for error.

The smoothest slider

TITAN SLIDER contains all the best features developed through years of our experience in creating tools for cinematographers. From the main construction to small details, everything combines to raise the user experience to the next level.

The SMART BRAKE module is integrated into the slider's cart. Those two knobs give you rock-solid protection when you want to lock your slider and the smoothest motion when you want a controlled resistance during operating the slider by hand.


When one slider is not enough, you can build a 2D positioning system using two TITANS.
The TITAN SLIDERS are so rigid that you can mount one over the other, mount a remote head and run everything with Dragonframe software.

Can I integrate this slider with my grip system?

The new, universal mount allows you to put the slider on the ground, or any standard grip solutions - C-stands with the 5/8" spigot, or larger light stands with the standard 1-1/8" mount. You can use them as a support for the central tripod or as the main grip.

For the main mount, we recommend a EURO mount. It's fast, safe and extremely robust. The industry standard mount is compatible with a variety of grip systems - jibs, dollies, or tripods. The TITAN SLIDER is compatible with them mount without any additional accessories. And if you'd like to use this mount with your existing non-EURO system, use our simple EURO Mount adapter. The possibilities are endless.


The TITAN's cart is compatible with the Mitchell mount, you can attach your favourite O'connor head without any adapter.

To use this extremely robust system with incompatible devices, you can use our universal Mitchell Mount adapter.

TITAN SLIDER comes with 75/100mm bowl adapter included, and there's optional 150mm adapter available. You can use TITAN SLIDER with virtually every fluid head on the market!


The TITAN SLIDER is compatible with many motion control solutions offered by SlideKamera. We offer complete solutions for motorized sliders: from single stepper motor with motorized pan axis to a complete system with the slider powered by servo drive and 3-axis PDMOVIE lens control motors, which - after six months of development and testing - are fully integrated with our systems.

  • 2-AXIS
    Entry-level motion control set contains STEPPER DRIVE - lightweight and universal motor and MONOHEAD - one axis head, used to control the panorama axis of the camera for horizontal tracking.
  • 3-AXIS
    3-axis set consists of the universal STEPPER DRIVE, BULLHEAD mkIII - remote 2-axis head and the KAIROS controller, that allows you to control the devices in real time, store camera positions, record and play back the motion and many more.
  • 3-AXIS | SERVO
    This 3-axis, high-end set consists of the fast and powerfull SERVO DRIVE, HEAVY BULLHEAD - remote 2-axis head for heavy cameras and the KAIROS controller.
    The 3-axis set can be expanded with the PDMOVIE Lens Control System, a complete solution to control every single lens - from photographic, small primes to heavy, cinema zooms.
Slidekamera TITAN SLIDER

Extremely rigid and precise slider - 1000mm

Slidekamera TITAN Case

Case for TITAN SLIDER 1500

    • trolley with damping and brake knobs
    • detachable feet with height adjustment
    • 75/100 bowl adapter with distance pins
    • flat plate with 3/8" thread
    • 2x SHORT Locking Handle - M10 and 3/8"
    • V-Mount Adapter & Plate SET
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