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Slidekamera Power Supply Unit 185W | Power Supply Unit 185W


Power Supply Unit 185W

Power Supply Unit 185W

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  • Power Supply Unit 185W
  • Power Supply Unit for single device - slider drive or remote head
  • Suitable for devices up to 185W


A robust power adapter with a power output of up to 185W will run motion control devices with up to two axes, e.g. a slider with 1-axis remote head or a single 2-axis head.
Thanks to the wide input voltage range (100-240V), you won't need to worry about separate power bricks during worldwide travels. The universal IEC C14 inlet will help you find a suitable power cable, even in the most exotic locations.


No need for separate cables for power and data. There's only one robust wire with professional, heavy-duty plugs.
All you have to do is daisy-chain all your drives and enjoy the simplicity of the system.

The Power Supply Units are not regular AC chargers, they're a central hub of your motion control setup.
You can plug your controller directly into the PSU, and all your devices powered from that source are connected to the controller.

  • PSU 185 - AC adapter
  • 110/230V power cable
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