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Simple intuitive controller

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  • Simple intuitive controller
  • Ideal for shooting interviews or recording live shows
  • Various Controller modes: Video / Animation / Timelapse

The AION IQ Controller has many extended programs. VIDEO for live action, ANIMATION for stop-motion photography and the very popular TIMELAPSE.

The new version 4.2 firmware supports work in 2-axis (SLIDER and PAN). Simple SMART EYE and Precise SMART EYE modes - allow you to follow the object very easily also with MACRO lenses.

For shooting interviews or recording live shows, AION IQ with X SLIDER X MOTOR 40 and MONO HEAD is the perfect solution, that automates the motion of the camera. Thanks to this head the filmed object will remain in the right spot in the frame. You don't have to worry about parallax effect or missed compositions.

The 1/4” socket in the base of the controller enables it to be mounted to the cart with a 8” or 11” VARIO ARM - Classic.

Controller modes:

    • Free Ride Mode - allows the user to control the speed of the slider using the joystick and adjusting knobs.
    • Recording Mode - records movements of the slider in order to play it back later in Playback mode.
    • Playback Mode - plays back movements of the slider saved in Recording mode.
    • Video Loop Mode - during VideoLoop mode slider automatically turns back and starts moving in the opposite direction once it reaches the end of the movement range.
    • Simple SMART EYE - parallax effect available with a remote head min. 1-axis PAN
    • Precise SMART EYE - parallax effect available with a remote head min. 1-axis PAN - for precise shots, e.g. with MACRO lenses.
    • Moves the camera on a programmed path during a series of shots (drive can trigger the shutter by the cable connected to the camera).
    • Designed for interval shots synchronized with a very slow movement of the cart.
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