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Samyang V-AF 35mm T1.9 FE | Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, wide-angle cine lens - Sony FE Mount


V-AF 35mm T1.9 FE

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, wide-angle cine lens - Sony FE Mount

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ePHOTOzine review

Highly Recommended - A practical video lens that also produces excellent still images

Review by John Riley
Goto review
4.5/5 Digital Camera World Recommended

Designed for moviemakers, this 35mm lens for Sony E-mount cameras is also plenty sharp enough for high-resolution stills, along with 8K video capture. It’s well-built, boasts some neat features, handles nicely, and delivers excellent performance across the board, making it a bargain at the price. There are also 24mm and 75mm T1.9 lenses with identical form-factors already available, plus 20mm and 45mm primes in the pipeline.

Review by Matthew Richards
Goto review
  • All V-AF Series have a unified form factor and colour tone 
  • Autofocus cine lens for full-frame sensors
  • Compact size and lightweight for gimbals and drones
  • LED Indicator for recording status
  • Soft manual focus ring works with follow focus systems
  • Custom Button with Focus Save function
  • Custom Switch to alter focus ring function


  • Closest Focusing Distance: 29cm
  • Diagonal Angle of View: Full Frame: 63.6° / APS-C: 43.8°
  • Dimensions: 72.1mm / 2.8inch
  • Filter Size: 58mm
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T1.9
  • Maximum Diameter: 72.2mm
  • Mount Type: Sony E
  • No. Diaphragm Blades: 9
  • Weather Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 280g / 9.9oz

Unified Form Factor – Compact & Light

The V-AF increases compatibility with gimbals and drones by applying the unified form factors with its 5 different focal lengths (Ultra-Wide to Medium-tele). By providing a compact size of 73 X 70mm and a light-weight of less than 300g, there is no need to re-set the equipment when changing the lenses.

Tally Lamp - Excellent usability

The lamp located on the front and mount index helps the user to check whether a video is recorded or not while shooting. It supports video content creation more conveniently even in a small space without a lot of equipment.

Support 8K and the same colour tone

The new V-AF series supports resolutions up to 8K in a small and lightweight form, which is well suited for use with handheld gimbals and drones, as well as for studios and location productions. All lenses within the new V-AF series are color-matched to avoid shifts when swapping lenses, and the 9 aperture blades allow for a natural-looking bokeh.

Custom Switch & Button

Features the 'Focus save' function usually in professional cine equipment and custom mode that adds function by firmware, which provides video-specific functions for students and amateur users who dream of cinematographers.

Samyang V-AF 75mm T1.9 FE
V-AF 75mm T1.9 FE

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, telephoto cine lens - Sony FE Mount

Samyang V-AF 24mm T1.9 FE
V-AF 24mm T1.9 FE

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, wide-angle cine lens - Sony FE Mount

Samyang V-AF 45mm T1.9 FE
V-AF 45mm T1.9 FE

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, telephoto cine lens - Sony FE Mount

Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 FE
V-AF 100mm T2.3 FE

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, telephoto cine lens - Sony FE Mount

Samyang V-AF MF Adapter
V-AF MF Adapter

Manual Focus Adapter for V-AF series

The NEW Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 FE: First Impressions

Samyang have now released an additional focal length to their V-AF line-up, the V-AF 100mm T2.3. This lens is identical to its siblings with its distinct light brown coloured front and slick design, I honestly haven't seen any other sophisticated lens design like this before. My first impressions of this lens is its obvious small size and weight which is what Samyang is aiming for. The smaller size and lighter weight make it extremely easy to use with a gimbal, and alongside the other V-AF lenses as there is no need to rebalance your gimbal when changing lenses. One note to mention is that I found the 100mm is slightly front heavy, which is understandable in my opinion, it is 100mm after all! Plus, its size is already pushing the limits for this focal length, but the difference is not that much, so even our old gimbal can hold the 100mm after balancing for the other V-AF lenses.

Reflecting on the V-AF Cine Autofocus Series with Jay Gilmour

With the upcoming release of the new Samyang V-AF 45mm T1.9 FE, we thought we’d reflect on the three currently available V-AF lenses with Jay Gilmour.

Celebrating the Moving Image | BSC Expo

We transition into the second tech event of 2023! Join us at Battersea Evolution, in London from the 23rd – the 25th of February 2023, the destination for film and TV professionals featuring the finest in cinematography, lighting and grip equipment.

The worlds first Auto Focus Cine lenses!

Samyang have seen a gap in the market and done exactly what they do best, filled it with just what we need. The innovative V-AF series is a set of full frame compatible Sony FE mount lenses designed for a wide variety of users, from solo videographer to small productions. These impressive new products have a unified form factor, all managing to be the same size and weight, whilst still covering a wide range of focal lengths. The series comprises of a 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 45mm, and finally a 75mm.

Live Streaming equipment for any streaming set-up

As technology has evolved throughout the years getting your content in front of more people has never been easier with a click of a button to start sharing a live broadcast. On top of that, a number of platforms have been specifically created for live streaming. Live video streaming is one of the most powerful ways in which to reach and interact with any audience, being the evolution of live TV.

V-AF 35mm T1.9 FE - Version 4

  • Improved operation stability of the tally lamp

V-AF 35mm T1.9 FE - Version 3

  • Added Infinity Punt Adjustment Function
  • Supported compatibility with the Manual Focus Adapter for V-AF Series
  • Added AF Assist function on Sony FX6 and Sony α7SⅢ

Download the latest Firmware and Software

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