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SLIK SVH-520 | Lightweight fluid video head



Lightweight fluid video head

Product Code: SLI3419

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  • Lightweight fluid video head
  • Arca Compatible Platform
    SVH-520 has a "viselike" clamping style Arca-type quick release platform that accommodates with any Arca style quick release plate, L-bracket or backpack "clip" design plate
  • Reversible video boss plate
    Most of video camera have a1/4" set screw, as well as a video boss hole to prevent a camera side sliding. The reversible Video Boss Plate can be easily removed and flipped over when attaching a scopes or photographic cameras that does not have a hole
  • Curved Pan Handle
    In order to delicately panning and tilting the video head, it is important that the pan bar is easy to grip. A slightly curved pan bar allows the videographer to place the grip in the most comfortable position

The SVH-520 is a lightweight fluid video head weighing less than 600g. A built-in counterbalance spring provides moderate repulsive force, enabling delicate panning and tilting operation.

Despite its compact body, it has a maximum load capacity of 4.0kg. In addition to video production, it is also ideal for bird watching with field scopes and binoculars.

Since the top stage of the head is Arca compatible, it is possible to transfer to equipment that use the same standard, and equipment with various plates such as L-Bracket can be installed

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