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SLIK SPRINT PRO III BHAC | Sprint Pro III BK Tripod with SBH-100AC Ball Head



Sprint Pro III BK Tripod with SBH-100AC Ball Head

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  • Sprint Pro III BK Tripod with SBH-100AC Ball Head
  • Arca-style new ball head
    New Arca-style ball head; SBH-100AC simplifies camera swapping and expands the versatility to other camera supports
  • R.F.M. for SPRINT III series
    The series adopted the well-accepted SLIK original R.F.M. (Rapid Flip Mechanism) allows easy leg opening adjustment. Simply push down on the blue lever and open the legs to the desired angle
  • 3D rubber grip
    All 3 legs are outfitted with streamlined rubber grips for easy handling
  • Lever-type leg lock system for SPRINT
    Each leg is made up of 4 sections and the height is adjusted using the simple-to-use flip-lock design for solid slip-free operation

The popular travel tripod series SPRINT PRO III ball head models have been updated once again!! The compact ball head quick shoe has been improved to Arca style, making it easy to change the camera from a tripod to other support equipment.

SLIK original R.F.M (Rapid Flip Mechanism) provides an easy and simple way to adjust the leg angle to go from as low as 165mm off the ground to as tall as 1.6m with the column extended.

Weighting only 1.07kg, it is stiff and stable enough to hold a total of 2.0kg of camera equipment.

The SPRINT RO III tripod series is ready to go anywhere and look good doing it.

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