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SLIK SLIDING ARM II | Horizontal column for mounting on tripod legs



Horizontal column for mounting on tripod legs

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  • Horizontal column for mounting on tripod legs
  • The arm can be moved back and forth, up and down
    In a typical low-position setting with conventional tripod, the camera is set in the center position of the tripod, so the distance between the camera and the subject is far away. However, when you attach the Sliding Arm II, you can move the camera position closer to the subject
  • Set the camera to even lower position
    Sliding Arm II allows to set the camera to a position even lower than the conventional low position setting
  • Balance weight hook for safety
    It is equipped with a weight hook at the opposite end of the arm. If you hang the bag or any, using a commercially available carabiner, it can be used it as a counter weight. The counter balance prevents the tripod from falling over because the center of gravity of the camera shifts greatly from the center of the tripod
  • Set the camera for "bird's eye view"
    Take a "bird's-eye view" picture from directly above through the table

SLIK Sliding Arm II is a horizontal column which can be mounted onto a tripod.

Attaching a head on the tip of the column allows you to shoot straight downwards giving a “bird’s eye” view.

Rosset clamp will securely hold the sliding arm at any angle position.

This is quite popular accessory for cooking video.

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