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SLIK Pro CF-733BH5AC | PRO CF-733 Tripod with PBH-535AC Ball Head


Pro CF-733BH5AC

PRO CF-733 Tripod with PBH-535AC Ball Head

Product Code: SLI3330

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PRO CF-733
  • Carbon fibre tripod legs with three twist lock leg sections
  • Head mounting screw
    Corresponding to both U1/4 and U3/8 head mounting screws
  • 3-steps leg angle adjustment
    Leg angle adjustable from a high position to a low position
  • A.R.S (Anti-Rotation System)
    The A.R.S. systems prevent the leg tubes from rotating inside each other making it much easier to lock and release all the twist-release locks securely
  • Leg lock system (crown-type) (PAT.)
    Twist lock system with double nut ring crown type (PAT.)
  • The hook at the bottom of the center column
    Accessory hook capable of suspending a weight
  • Exchangeable leg tips
    Leg tips can be exchanged to spike leg tips from rubber leg tips
    "SPIKE SET" is sold separately as an optional
  • Arca-type Ball Head
  • Independent ball tension dial
  • Independent pan dial with degree markings
  • U-Shaped groove: switch horizontal to vertical
  • Max load - up to 11.0lbs.
  • Quick Release Plate Included - 6507
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