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SLIK Creator’s Clamp | Pole and clamp kit


Creator’s Clamp

Pole and clamp kit

Product Code: SLI3465

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  • Pole and clamp kit
  • Reversible Upper Clamping Jaw The upper clamping jaw is a reversible structure. It can be installed on both flat surface such as tables, and pipes by simply flip the unit
  • Accessory Holes & Tripod Head Mount Adapter The two accessory holes on the clamp body enable to install various accessories such as lights, microphones and monitors. The tripod head mount adapter (included) also allows the tripod head to be mounted directly on the clamp body
  • Bird's Eye View with Sliding Arm II In combination with the Sliding Arm II (option), "bird's eye view" overhead perspective can be obtained
  • Useful Attachments Creator's Clamp will come with a Tripod head adapter and 2 pcs. of rubber pads

SLIK Creator’s Clamp is a versatile pole & clamp kit that allows a camera to be fixed to the location where a tripod can’t be placed, such as on desks, pipes, & etc.

Combination with an optional tripod head and SLIK Sliding Arm II, it is possible to freely set various camera angles, as well as “birds-eye view”.

The upper clamping jaw is reversible and can be changed to suit the condition of the installation area.

An “Accessory Hole” of the clamp that can attach accessories such as, lights, microphones, etc. In addition, when the tripod head is attached to the clamp body via the tripod head mount adapter, a camera can be installed to a horizontal rail such as a handrail or fence.

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