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4K Streaming AV Mixer

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  • 4K Streaming AV Mixer
  • Ultra-compact audio/video mixer with direct streaming encoders
  • Professional 4K AV command center with easy operation via dual touchscreens
  • Integrated production solution that combines video switching, audio mixing, and USB streaming tools in one powerful unit
  • Scene function for creating and recalling complex video compositions
  • Monitor up to eight scenes at once and switch among them with touches on the display
  • Save up to 64 scenes (eight scenes and eight banks) with zoom level, cropping, and more
  • Composite two picture-in-picture/key layers on top of background images using scenes
  • Composite a DSK image on the picture-in-picture/key layers and background independently from scenes
  • Seven HDMI inputs supporting rates up to 4K/60p (four inputs can be used simultaneously)
  • Multiple resolutions supported: 4K/60p, HDR (Rec.2020) up to 1080/60p, and SDR (Rec.709)
  • Freely combine 4K/FHD, HDR/SDR, and Rec.2020/Rec.709 formats with built-in scalers on the HDMI inputs and outputs
  • Import BMP, JPEG, and PNG images from USB media into eight internal memories (PNG alpha channel supported)
  • Region of Interest (ROI) function allows you to simulate multiple angles from a single 4K camera
  • Seamlessly switch between two scenes in PGM/PST mode
  • Use Dual mode to send different scenes to each of the two touch displays
  • 14-channel digital audio mixer with advanced effects and processing
  • Four XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power, two TRS mic inputs, and two stereo RCA line inputs
  • USB-C webcam output with support for streaming up to 4K/30fps (supports USB 3.2 Gen 2, 10 Gbps)
  • Selectable languages for the user interface (English and Japanese)

The VR-400UHD is a powerful and intuitive solution for managing complex production tasks during in-person and livestreaming events.

Side-by-side touchscreens provide fast, direct control of your workflow in the heat of the moment, letting you monitor live video thumbnails, switch composite video scenes, access audio mixing and video routing functions, and much more. Versatile onboard AV connectivity provides the I/O you need to manage everyday production needs with one compact unit. And with full 4K HDMI and USB streaming support, you’re always ready to deliver the highest video quality for your clients and audience.

Ultra-Smooth Workflow

With its dual touchscreens, smart panel design, and professional features, the VR-400UHD enables anyone to deliver flawless hybrid presentations with top production values.

  • Touch and Go
    Two seven-inch touchscreens make it simple to monitor video content and execute operations with quick touches. In the default PGM/PST mode, you can monitor and select up to eight video scenes on the right screen and access various video switching and audio functions on the left. Switching to Dual mode allows you to send video to both displays, which is ideal for events where you need to operate multiple presentation screens at once.
  • Tactile Controls
    The VR-400UHD panel also includes a large selection of tactile controls to complement the touch workflow. The right side is filled with video controls, including dedicated scene/bank buttons and controls for transitions, keying, sizing, and more. Prime audio functions are easily controlled on the left side via familiar hands-on faders and knobs.
  • Present and Livestream in 4K
    The VR-400UHD supports 4K/60fps—the standard for high-quality video—allowing you to connect 4K cameras and feed 4K displays and recorders. HDR and SDR formats are also supported, with automatic conversion into your 4K workflow. And with the USB-C webcam output* and integrated USB 3.2 Gen 2 support, you can simultaneously livestream to popular platforms on your computer.
    *Supports SDR video up to 4K/30p only.
  • Powerful AV Connectivity
    With its loaded rear panel, the VR-400UHD offers the audio and video connectivity you need to handle a variety of production situations without external mixers, switchers, and other gear.
  • Compact Convenience
    The VR-400UHD stows easily into a carrying bag, and the compact footprint allows you to set up in the tightest production locations. It also fits a standard 19-inch rack case, ready to mount in a slide-out tray or directly on the rack rails.

Upgrade Your Productions with 4K Video

Offering full 4K video support throughout, the VR-400UHD allows you to work in the highest video quality with no compromises.

  • Seven 4K HDMI Inputs
    The VR-400UHD is equipped with seven HDMI inputs with up to 4K/60p resolution, and you can use up to four inputs at once to create video compositions. Inputs 1–3 are always available, while cameras and other devices connected to the additional four inputs can be selected one at a time as needed. All inputs feature built-in scalers, letting you freely mix 4K/HD, HDR/SDR, and Rec.2020/Rec.709 devices with no need to worry about format conversion.
  • Easy Switching with Scenes
    The powerful and intuitive scene function allows you to create complex video compositions and recall them using the VR-400UHD’s touch panel or dedicated buttons. Each scene can include one background layer and two picture-in-picture and key layers, and the layout, size, and cropping can be edited while watching the input video.
  • Two Touchscreen Modes
    In PGM/PST mode, you can switch between scenes using transition effects such as cuts, dissolves, and wipes for a polished look. Eight banks provide a total of 64 scenes, with eight scenes at a time displayed on the right touch display. Using Dual mode, you can display PGM1 on the right screen and PGM2 on the left and assign them to HDMI and USB outputs.* This is ideal for working with separate LED panels on the left and right sides of a stage, allowing you to monitor and control both at once.
    *Only freeze cut transition effects are available in Dual mode.
  • Import and Display Still Images
    Enhance events with JPEG, BMP, and PNG still images imported via USB flash media. Up to eight images can be stored in the VR-400UHD’s internal memory, ready for displaying transitions between presenters, graphics during breaks, and transparent PNGs for titles and lower thirds.
  • One Camera, Multiple Looks
    If your production requires a wide shot of the stage, a medium shot of a speaking panel, and close-ups of each speaker, the VR-400UHD has you covered with built-in Region of Interest [ROI]. This allows you to point a single 4K camera and use the VR-400UHD’s input sharing and scaling functions to crop out unique shots, which you can assign to scenes for instant switching.
  • Flexible HDMI Outputs
    The VR-400UHD features two 4K HDMI outputs with support for downscaling to FHD, and you can assign PGM or PST to each independently. There’s also a dedicated HDMI HD output, which outputs the same image as the PGM/PST touchscreen at a fixed resolution of 720p. This output is perfect for generating operation previews in larger-scale installations.
  • 4K USB-C Livestreaming
    The high-performance USB-C output is ready for all your livestreaming needs, with USB 3.2 Gen 2 support for streaming at resolutions up to 4K/30fps.* The VR-400UHD is recognized as a standard webcam on your computer when connected—just select it as the video and audio sources in your preferred platform and start streaming. The USB output features a dedicated logo function, allowing you to embed custom characters in the video during streams. *4K livestreaming requires a USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) cable, a computer with USB 3.2 Gen 2 support, and network bandwidth that can support a 4K data stream. When using a USB 3.0 or 3.2 Gen 1 cable, the maximum output format is 1080p/60fps.

Professional Audio Mixing

The VR-400UHD is equipped with a professional audio mixer with 14 simultaneous channels and a full complement of acclaimed Roland sound-shaping tools.

  • Multi-Channel Audio Inputs
    Comprehensive analog audio connectivity includes four balanced XLR/TRS combination jacks with high-quality mic preamps and phantom power. Two additional mic inputs are available on TRS jacks, plus two stereo RCA input pairs for connecting line-level devices. It’s also possible to mix the embedded digital audio from sources connected via HDMI and USB.
  • Hands-On Mixing
    The left side of the VR-400UHD panel includes faders and knobs for the audio inputs, master output, and headphones, providing grab-and-go control for smooth operation during events. The touchscreen above provides further control with fast access to mute, solo, and deeper parameters for each channel.
  • Powerful Sound Processing
    Comprehensive EQ and dynamics processing is provided on every channel for shaping and polishing sounds. Powerful problem-solving tools are also available, including automatic feedback control, audio sync alignment, de-essing, noise suppression, and more.
  • Automatically Follow the Action
    When there are many presenters, you need to follow the action and switch audio and video together. The automated video switching and audio mixing features in the VR-400UHD make this complicated task simple, greatly easing your workload and creating a smooth production experience.

Remote Control

The VR-400UHD supports extended workflows with dedicated software apps and remote device connections.

  • Browser-based remote control software lets you operate the switcher and monitor scene previews from a Mac or Windows computer via a LAN connection.
  • Seamlessly integrate with system installations using the RS-232, LAN, and TALLY connectors.


The flexible VR-400UHD flows smoothly into many common production scenarios thanks to its compact size, easy operation, and professional AV features.

  • Education Settings
    The VR-400UHD excels at working with video content on large screens in auditoriums, gymnasiums, and other venues where substantial numbers of people gather. In addition to video composition, audio sources embedded in HDMI signals can be passed to a venue’s primary audio mixer for amplification in the house sound system. And with its friendly touch interface, the VR-400UHD is easy for school staff and students to learn.
  • Corporate/Enterprise
    The VR-400UHD is ideal for boardroom meetings and event spaces where high-quality video is required. In addition, up to six microphones can be connected, eliminating the need for external audio mixers in many situations. With the USB-C output, presentations can be streamed in 4K to remote viewers or archived for later distribution. The intuitive interface further reduces production costs, allowing in-house employees to learn and operate the switcher with minimal study.
  • Houses of Worship
    The VR-400UHD is an effective system for displaying images and lyrics on large screens in churches. The guide function provides adjustments for smooth integration with screens that have longer horizontal dimensions than a 16:9 ratio. Using Dual mode, managing the content on two screens independently is simple. And with simultaneous 4K streaming, you can broadcast services live and capture them for later distribution on social media.
Roland's Decades of Innovation - Unveiling Cutting-Edge Audio and Video Technology for Single Operators

For over half a century, Roland has been at the forefront of digital music technology. Since 1972, they have shaped the landscape of modern music and introduced countless seminal products to the market.  Holdan are proud to supply Roland products to customers here in the UK and Ireland, offering cutting-edge solutions to audio and video professionals and transforming the way countless productions are managed.

Streaming in 4K: The Power of Roland VR-400UHD at Your Fingertips

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, the demand for high-quality content has surged, driven by the growing popularity of 4K resolution across various platforms. To address this trend, the Roland VR-400UHD emerges as a professional-grade AV mixer explicitly designed to meet the demands of 4K streaming.

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