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OpticFilm 135i

Film digitizer

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  • Film digitizer
  • Supports Multiple 35mm Film Types
  • Automatic Batch Scanning
  • Brilliant image quality
  • 7200 dpi Resolution
  • 48-bit Colour Depth
  • Built-in Infrared Channel
  • Scan to Your Image Editing Software

The OpticFilm 135i is perfect for people who have a shoebox full of negatives and slides since it does batch scanning and brilliant images with just a touch.

Supports Multiple 35mm Film Types

Not only regular 35mm photo image size but also specific picture sizes taking 35mm film roll in sizes such as panoramic frame (up to 226 mm in width) and half-frame.

Automatic Batch Scanning

It can scan four slides and 6 image frames of one film strip at once.

Brilliant image quality

The OpticFim 135i offers the well-known and striking image quality of Plustek film scanner product series. Its well-designed optical system brings better picture quality, greater light sensitivity, and lower image noise.

7200 dpi Resolution

Plustek OpticFilm 135i scanning resolution ranges from 600 dpi to 7200 dpi. With the maximum 7200 dpi hardware resolution, an output of up to 69.2 megapixel images (10224px * 6748px) and more.

48 bit Colour Depth

More smooth colours to work with for further image processing.

Built-in Infrared Channel

Detecting the dust and scratches on the film source image.

Scan to Your Own Image Editing Software As You Wish

You could export the film scanning images to your Photoshop* directly.
*You need to have owned and installed the Photoshop already.

Shares to online albums or social media

Quickly share photos with friends and family.

  • OpticFilm 135i
  • Plustek QuickScan Plus (Software)
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