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Panasonic PanaPod | Elevation unit optimized for Panasonic PTZ cameras



Elevation unit optimized for Panasonic PTZ cameras

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  • Elevation unit optimized for Panasonic PTZ cameras
  • Control from Panasonic RP remote panels over IP or Serial
  • Panapod is visible in Easy IP Setup software from Panasonic
  • Elevation value can be stored and recalled as a preset
  • When recalling a preset, speed can be adjusted by using Iris dial
  • Pre-registered presets for exhibition and demo purposes
  • Foot pedals can be used in combination with the Panasonic AW-RP panel, in order to control all axis simultaneously (PTZF and elevation)
  • Packs away into a single mobile flight case with everything needed for an operator to rig a show

The Panapod is an elevation unit specifically designed for Panasonic PTZ cameras. The elevation unit can be used as a standalone system on a stage, in a studio, behind a goal, in a conference venue, or in a press conference, to provide an unobtrusive camera position that is great for the spectators whilst not interfering with the artists, players’ action, presenters or the sequence being shot.

The elevation of the Panapod can easily be controlled from Panasonic RP remote panels by using the joystick, in a fully integrated operation over the network. Elevation values can be stored as presets to be recalled any time later. Alternatively, the Panapod can be controlled from a pair of foot pedals or from a desktop controller, so that the operator can choose the most comfortable method of operation in every situation. The Panapod does not require any PC or dedicated software.

Two elevation units can be combined for a total maximum height of 3 meters, allowing the camera to be in the far end of the room, clearly above the heads of the audience.

Panapod is packed in just one flightcase with protective foam inserts, enabling great visibility and easy access of components for fast build and breakdown. The case also includes space for a second elevation unit.

The Panapod can be installed in a matter of minutes, including the PTZ camera, which is mounted with a quick-release plate. Additionally, Panapod can be mounted on wheels for maximum mobility. Thanks to its heavy payload, the Panapod can be used to elevate more than just a PTZ camera. While a single unit supports up to 35 kg, a double unit can support up to 25 kg. With the optional T-bar, up to three additional cameras can be mounted in the same unit, simplifying the cabling and the setup. The T-Bar option is ideal for multicamera shooting, when the space is limited, and it can be used with one-leg or two-leg systems. Camera mounts can also be set upside down. Moreover, the T-Bar can be stored in the same flight case as the Panapod.

The Panapod is selectable in black or white colour to match the same colour as the Panasonic PTZ cameras. Occasionally, and thanks to its payload, Panapod can be used to elevate devices other than PTZ cameras, such as studio cameras, pan/tilt mechanism, speakers or flat displays.

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