Wireless System for AJ-HPX3100, HPX600, AJ-PX270 and other P2 camcorders

Product Code: PAN-AJWM30E

Product Discontinued

  • Wireless metadata input and display
  • Proxy playback now accessible from iPads and iPhones, PC Browsers


Warranty information available here

A versatile wireless system for AJ-HPX3100, AG-HPX600, AJ-PX270 (and other P2 camcorders) that simplifies the process of utilizing user-selected metadata.

Comprised of the AJ-WM30 wireless module and AJ-SFU3100 software, the new system promotes a seamless transfer of critical camera information between the HPX3100 and a vast population of intelligent devices including PCs, iPads and iPhones.

Equipped with the wireless module and software key, the AJ-HPX3100 establishes wireless local area network (WLAN) communication via the IEEE 802.11b/g standard. Ubiquitous smart appliances will be newly capable of metadata input and display, thumbnail display, proxy playback*, text memo input and confirmation of camera status (recording, format, remaining battery, tally, e.g.), all on a simplified interface. The instant availability of this range of information will assist on-set production. The ease of uploading metadata will allow script supervisors to add basic notes, while permitting sports shooter to tag clips, which accelerates editing and provides an invaluable assist in time-sensitive productions.

Featuring three 2/3 type high density 2.2 million pixel CCDs, the HPX3100 acquires full-raster 1920 x 1080 resolution imaging with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling using the advanced AVC-Intra codec.  Designed for scripted programming, documentary, nature, cinema and commercial production, the master-quality, two-slot HPX3100 delivers new features including 24-bit audio and records in multiple worldwide formats.


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