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Panasonic AW-HN38HWEJ | NDI|HX PTZ camera (HDMI) with 22x zoom - White



NDI|HX PTZ camera (HDMI) with 22x zoom - White

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  • 1/2,3-Type MOS
  • 22 x optical zoom (10x digital zoom + Digital Extender)
  • Support for PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus)
  • Audio input function
  • Night Mode - Supports automatic switching
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode
  • Video Output: HDMI
  • HDMI Video Output Format: 1080/50p, 1080/59,94p, 1080/50i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/25ü, 1080/29.97p, 1080/25psF, 1080/29.97psF, 720/50p, 720/59.94p
  • Freeze During Preset Function
  • IP connection allows control of up to 100 AW-HE40H/S units by using AW-RP50E
  • IP Image output function allows Image monitoring by IP connection with a PC
  • RS422, RS232C In/Out
  • Preset memory of up to 100 positions
  • Easy installation thanks to use of turn-lock mechanism
  • Available in pearl white or metallic black


  • Camera Control Unit: AW-RP120, AW-RP50, AV-HLC100, AK-HRP200G, AK-HRP1000
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 160 x 186 x 166mm | 6-5/16 x 7-41/128 x 6-17/32"
  • Image Sensor: 1/2,3-Type MOS
  • NDI: NDI | HX
  • Output: HDMI & USB
  • Preset: Up to 100
  • Remote Control Interface: LAN, RS-422, RS-232C
  • Video Format: 1080/59.94p | 1080/29.97p | 1080/50p | 1080/25p | 1080/59.94i | 1080/50i | 1080/29.97PsF | 1080/25PsF | 720/59.94p | 720/50p
  • Weight: Approx. 1.5kg / 3.30lbs
  • Zoom: 22 x optical zoom (10x digital zoom + Digital Extender)

What is NDI?

NDI (Network Digital Interface) technology has been developed by NewTek, it is made available to anyone with a royalty-free license, and has been widely adopted by many broadcast vendors. NDI is becoming a de facto standard in the live production industry. NDI revolutionizes video production workflow by removing the physical I/O constraints of traditional broadcast infrastructure. Any NDI-enabled device on the network can see and access content from all other devices, allowing more sources than ever before to be used for live production.

What is NDI 3.0 and NDI|HX?

NDI 3.0 is the third iteration of the NDI SDK which is improves greatly on an already simple workflow with enhanced encoding performance, multicast support with FEC (Forward Error Correction), standardized PTZ control commands and tally, and the addition of a high efficiency mode, NDI|HX, which allows cameras to enter the NDI world.

What is the specification of NDI|HX?

NDI is designed to run over existing 1 Gigabit networks, allowing easy adoption of the protocol without new infrastructure. This is achieved through the use of video compression with the NDI|HX codec, which delivers 1080 Full HD video at data rates typically around 15Mbps. NDI|HX is a 4:2:0 8-bit codec, based on H.264 compression. It supports 1080p and 720p, at different frame rates. Factory default mode is 1080/25p at 10Mbps.

Format Bit Rate
1920x1080/50p 8192kbps~24,576kbps
1920x1080/50p/12,5p/25p 1024kbps~14,336kbps
1280x720/50p 3072kbps~14,336kbps
1280x720/50p/12,5p/25p 512kbps~ 8,192kbps

How does NDI 3.0 enhance workflow with Panasonic Cameras?

  • Simplicity: simply connect the camera to the Ethernet network. All NDI capable production devices and switches on the network can immediately select it as a source. No encoders to configure, no complex network and routing processes are required.
  • Fully Fledged Production with Ease: with Panasonic’s built-in NDI support, the tally is configured with intelligence in case multiple devices are accessing that camera.
  • Built-In NDI: Panasonic’s professional PTZ Camera line-up revolutionised single cable connectivity, it only gets better with NDI support with Power (PoE+), IP based control, ultra-low latency video and audio, and Tally, all transmitted via a single cable. No longer is an external software tool (Connect Pro or AutoLink) with an external computer required.
  • Latency Unleashed: NDI|HX mode allows video transmission with lower bandwidth requirements and ultra-low latency suitable for live video production, allowing more sources on today’s Gigabit Ethernet networks.
  • Cost and deployment savings: No longer are SDI video routers and physical I/O limits an issue. Deploy a video production with Panasonic NDI cameras using commercial off-the-shelf gigabit network hardware with PoE+. The network is your router, including power supply!

Full HD camera with integrated pan-tilt for lectures, meetings and a wide variety of applications

The AW-HN38 series of integrated full HD cameras perform in a wide variety of onsite shooting applications that require high-quality video, such as conferences, lecture capture and other events, thanks to its high-performance zoom, wide angle of view and outstanding colour reproducibility.
In addition to IP video transmission, support for PoE+ enables power to be supplied via a LAN cable.
The result is installation flexibility. It also supports HD-IP video output, output of video and audio via USB, and SD card recording.

Panasonic AW-HN38HKEJ

NDI|HX PTZ camera (HDMI) with 22x zoom - Black

Panasonic AW-SF300

Visual Preset Software Key

eLearning: when students are in different time zones

UK institutions are facing the threat of a significant loss of income from overseas students in the 2020-2021 academic year. The government has signalled that degree level education can be delivered remotely and online but only where the quality of learning is maintained at a high standard. To achieve this goal, universities are implementing an eLearning strategy that places the student experience first. Without that, courses risk losing accreditation and university funding becomes a critical issue.

Preparing for distance learning: a quick guide to lecture capture cameras for universities

Enforcement of social distancing is expected to continue well into the Autumn. This is of particular concern for university students who may find student accommodation closed and lectures limited to 30-40% capacity. So, how can university education continue? The natural answer is online.

New launches at ISE 2020

Here's an overview of our vendors exhibiting at ISE 2020. Please call us on +44 (0)1457 851000 if you would like to book a stand tour with one of our manufacturers. BLACKMAGIC DESIGN HALL 3, STAND C140 The Video Assist 12G 5” and 7” monitor recorders are now shipping. The original HD versions were incredibly popular with AV technicians who wanted to verify SDI and HDMI feeds and check waveform levels. For production teams, their 4K HDR capture makes them a superb on-camera SD card recorder. The ATEM Mini is a very small, cost-effective 4 channel HDMI video switcher with streaming output. Great as a portable mixer or a signal switcher, it’s being adopted by everyone from conference producers to AV technicians looking for simple HDMI switching.

AV, one world, one cable, under NDI HX

What is NDI HX? Why is it taking the world by storm? Can it replace SDI and HDMI? What manufacturers are involved? When you search ‘What is NDI HX?’ on Google, you get this answer:

Panasonic Introduces NDI Line-Up of Professional PTZ Cameras and Switcher

Panasonic Media Entertainment Company today announced the introduction of a full line-up of professional integrated cameras with built-in Network Device Interface (NDI) support: the AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70 and AW-HN130. This fully integrated support of NDI version 3 enhanced with a new High Efficiency Mode allows users to connect these Panasonic professional PTZ cameras directly to an NDI network, with automatic detection by the NewTek TriCaster® and NewTek’s IP Series of professional video switchers, as well as to seamlessly integrate with the hundreds of other NDI-capable products in the marketplace, enabled on millions of NDI-capable computer systems.

AW-HN40 /65 Ver. 1.98

An issue that could cause the camera to restart multiple times under certain conditions has been fixed.  And others.

Ver 1.74


  1. The audio from the camera won’t be outputted by AV-HLC100. This problem is corrected.
  2.  Improvement is made so that RTSP transmission will stop when video or audio transmission stops during IP streaming.

Ver 1.69


  • When multiple AW-RP50 controllers are turned on at the same time, a registered HN40 series camera is not recognized correctly.(PTZ operations are possible.)
    • The model name will not be displayed when the camera select button is pressed.
    • The screen will not be shown as registered when the SCENE/MODE button is pressed.
    This problem is fixed.

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