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HD PTZ with Image Stabilization - Black

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Quite an upgrade over the previous model...

  • Fast installation with Power over Ethernet
  • Great monitoring options with video streaming built-in
  • Optical image stabilizer for pin sharp pictures
  • 3G-SDI connectivity
  • Newly developed 1/2,86-type three MOS sensors
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 1,4x Extender Zoom
  • HD-IP Streaming
  • PoE+
  • Audio Input
  • Night Mode
  • Fan-Less Design
  • Available Colours: Black or White


  • Camera Control Unit: AW-RP120, AW-RP50, AV-HLC100, AK-HRP200G, AK-HRP1000
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 180 x 228 x 234mm | 7-3/32 x 9 x 9-3/16"
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.86 type Full-HD 3MOS
  • Output: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI & Composite
  • Preset: Up to 100
  • Weight: Approx. 3.1kg / 6.83lbs (Including mount bracket)
  • Zoom: Optical zoom 20x, Digital zoom 10x


Warranty information available here

Technology Guides

The AW-HE130 is the successor model of the successful AW-HE120. The new PTZ camera offers new and enriched functions for an expanded range of applications.

The highly sensitive camera is equipped with three newly developed 1/2,86-type three MOS sensors, allowing for high-grade filming even in low light conditions, also offering a superior S/N ratio and high resolution. In addition to 3G-SDI and HDMI output, production quality full HD video output via IP transmission is supported with the AW-HE130. The camera delivers up to four channels of IP streaming video (H.264), with configuration levels of the quality level.

In addition to a sharp, fast F1,6, 20x optical zoom lens, the AW-HE130 is equipped with an innovative 1,4x digital extender that can increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while delivering smooth, high resolution video. The new built in Optical Image Stabilization System (OIS) automatically minimizes the effect of small vibrations from the surface where the camera is mounted caused; whether this is caused by the opening and closing of doors, nearby speakers, or other disturbances.

By connecting to network devices that support the IEEE 802,3 at POE+ standard, power can be supplied via LAN cable. Since it is not necessary to install a power supply even a local A.C. outlet, installation costs can be significantly reduced.

Thanks to a highly evolved pan-tilt design, the AW-HE130 achieves smoother and more natural movement during on-air shots. The pan-tilt head also has a wide shooting range, with a pan range of ±175° and a tilt range of -30° to 210°. The newly developed pan tilt drive provides high-speed operation at maximum 60°/s, excellent response to remote control operation, and highly precise stop control. These features combine to accurately capture fast-action sports scenes or smooth concert footage. The noise level during operation is also very low, at NC35 or less, which is ideal for use in quiet environments.

This makes the AW-HE130 an ideal choice as a replacement camera for existing systems. It is available in two colors to match a variety of decors. The pearl white model (AW-HE130W) is suitable for settings such as chapels and wedding halls, while the black metallic model (AW-HE130K) is ideal for capturing theatrical performances or events. It has a turn-lock mechanism that allows ceiling mounting in the same manner as a lighting fixture, and its light weight means it can be installed easily by a single person.

Panasonic AW-HE130W

HD PTZ with Image Stabilization - White

Panasonic AW-SF100G

Auto Tracking Software

Panasonic AW-RM50

Wireless Remote Controller for HE40 / HE60 & HE130 PTZ Series

How do I adjust the brightness to be the same as other cameras?

Variable range of Auto Iris is designed to be one stop brighter than other models.
So use the ND Filter or Electronic Shutter.

AW-HE130 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
> Camera > Brightness > ND Filter : 1/8 or 1/64
> Camera > Brightness > Shutter Mode : Off,Step, Synchro, ELC
* Variable range of Iris in AUTO mode

AW-HE130 F11 – OPEN
AW-HE120 F16 - OPEN

How do I adjust the colours to be the same as other cameras?

  1. Set the Gamma to SD.
    AW-HE130 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
    Camera > Picture > Gamma Type > SD
    * AW-HE120 series cameras have no choice for Gamma Type (HD/SD). It is fixed in SD.
  2. Adjust the Pedestal.
    AW-HE130 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
    > Camera > Picture > Pedestal
    * The use of a waveform monitor is required for accurate adjustments.

On the WEB screen, the latency of H.264 videos is high. What is a recommended PC environment?

CPU: Intel Core2 DUO 2.4 GHz or higher recommended
Memory: 1 GB or more (but 2 GB or more for 64-bit Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7)
Network Function: One 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX port

When connected via IP, depending on the specs / environment of PC used, the latency in displaying video data may be much higher due to the influence of the load by decoding process.

Not only the clock rate of CPU but also other specs of your PC should meet the recommended requirements.

In addition, on Mac, H.264 videos cannot be viewed when it is connected via IP.

On the WEB screen, H.264 videos will not appear. How should this be addressed?

Check the Firewall setting on the PC used for IP connection.
>Control Panel;> Windows Firewall;> Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.

In "Allowed programs and features:" list, check all the boxes (Domain, Home/Work (Private), Public) at "Internet Explore". Please refer to the functions of your PC for more information.

On the WEB screen, the camera picture is not normal in Live - Multi display mode, why?

If AW-HE130 is in the Standby state, its camera picture may not be normal. When it is back in the Power-ON state, it will start outputting a normal picture, so check its state.

AW-HE130 Multi display mode is designed so that its camera picture is not “Black” in the Standby state.
This is not a malfunction. Please be assured and continue to use it.

When monitoring a camera picture using an iOS mobile device, why does the IP video stream sometimes stop?

On iOS mobile devices, some conditions in wireless LAN connection may cause the streaming to stop.
In this case, update (reload) the WEB screen.

After having used normal digital zoom from a 30x optical zoom, is it possible to further use extender zoom?

AW-HE40/HE65 : 30x optical zoom
AW-HE130 : 20x optical zoom

Does the camera have any screw hole for a tripod?

It has one 1/4-20UNC threaded hole with AW-HE40/HE65.
They have two 1/4-20UNC threaded hole with AW-HE130.

There is a description of "equipped with RS232C remote terminal".  What kind of situations is this used in?

The controller that supports Standard Communication Protocol can be connected to this terminal to operate basic camera controls.
Not all the controls can be operated. Major operable controls are as follows.
- Address Setting - Interface Clear - Power Supply Control (ON/OFF) - Zoom Control - Focus Control - White Balance - Iris Control - Gain Control - Bright Control - Aperture Contorl (outline enhancement) - Preset Control (preset registration, preset call) - Menu Display - Pan-Tilt Control - Pan-Tilt Limit Setting

What are PoE+ and PoE?

It is an abbreviation for Power Over Ethernet.

It is a function to receive electrical power via LAN cable (max. 100 m) by using a PoE+ hub or injector. No AC Adapter is needed, so the number of wires can be reduced when wiring up the devices. Also, it is possible to install them in where electrical work is difficult to do.

The power-supply capability (* output power value at the PoE hub end)
PoE = 12.5W
PoE+ = 25.5W

* PoE+ is downwards compatible, so a PoE+ hub works with PoE devices. But a PoE hub does not work with PoE+ devices.
* Cable: category 5e or above, max. 100 m

If both AC Adapter and PoE+ power supply are used, which one comes before the other?

AC Adapter is used preferentially.

Which OS and browser are supported?

* Please refer to the following web page.

Is it possible to output SDI/HDMI/VIDEO_OUT/IP simultaneously?

It is possible.
However, there are simultaneous output conditions for SDI/HDMI/VIDEO_OUT depending on the video format.
* For details, please refer to page 18 of Operating Instruction, OPERATION.

Is it possible to embed the audio on all of IP, SDI and HDMI?

Yes, this is possible.

What is the latency of the video?

  • 1080/59.94p, i, 50p, i, 720/59.94p, 50p, 480/59.94i, 576/50i
    Progressive: approx. 1 frame / Interlace: approx. 1 field
  • 1080/29.97p, psf, 25p, psf
    1080/29.97p: approx. 1 frame / 1080/29.97psf: approx. 2 fields
  • 1080/23.98p, psf
    1080/23.98p: approx. 3 frames / 1080/23.98psf: approx. 6 fields

What are the differences from the HE120?

  • Features newly added after HE120
    - HD-IP Transmission - Support for PoE+ - Digital Extender Zoom - Freeze During Preset function - Audio Input - Support for Standard Communication Protocol - Night Mode - Support for 24p, 25p and 30p - OIS - Variable Mode for Color Temperature Adjustment
  • Features more enhanced than HE120
    - Equipped with 1/2.86-type new MOS Sensors - Sensitivity: Minimum Illumination 2lx (HE120: 7lx), Improved S/N Ratio - Able to Set PT Operation Speed Slower than Minimum - 15-axis Color Matrix (HE120: 12-axis) - Quietness: Improved Quietness at a Standstill by Fan-less Design
  • Features not taken over from HE120
    - Analog Component Output

What are the vertical and horizontal angles of view at Tele and Wide ends?

Horizontal Angle of View: 60.2° (Wide) – 3.3° (Tele)
Vertical Angle of View: 36.2° (Wide) – 1.9° (Tele)

Panasonic Introduces NDI Line-Up of Professional PTZ Cameras and Switcher

Panasonic Introduces NDI Line-Up of Professional PTZ Cameras and Switcher

New PTZ line-up from Panasonic

2 new PTZ cameras from Panasonic

Ver. 2.31

Fixing the problems with NDI|HX mode operation(*)

  1. Frame dropping occurs in IP streaming transmission. This problem is fixed.
    - The process with high load is improved so that it will be performed at an appropriate processing speed.
    1. Priority of the encoder’s task is changed to improve the processing speed.
    2. Unnecessary process to suppress the bit rate is removed.
    - Optimization of NDI|HX driver (supplied from NewTek)
    1. The streaming protocol is changed from TCP to UDP so that NW processing load is reduced.
    2. Transmission intervals between control commands for cameras are corrected.
  2. There is a difference in angle of view between NDI|HX proxy and main line videos. This difference is corrected.
    (*) To enable NDI|HX mode, you need to purchase NDI|HX Upgrade from NewTek, Inc. and then carry out the upgrade according to the information from them.(Driver installation, activation,etc.)


  1. The latest NDI|HX Driver need to be installed.
  2. When you use your camera together with NDI|HX-compatible devices, please do not connect it with any applications or devices which utilize JPEG transmission. That may cause frame dropping.

AW-HE130 W/K
Camera Main V 02.20
Network V 02.31
Servo (Pan/Tilt) V 1.01
Interface V 02.20
Lens V 1.02
Interface V 1.00

(Bold: update software)

Ver. 2.23

New Features

  • Support for NDI|HX Technology

It is possible to add the function that supports NDI|HX Technology developed by NewTek, Inc.

To enable this function, you need to perform the firmware update to Ver. 2.23. And, after that, follow the information from NewTek, Inc. to carry out the upgrade (driver installation, activation, etc.).

For details, please see the explanation provided in the e-mail and PDF file NewTek, Inc. will send you after your purchase of NDI|HX Upgrade. For others such as operations or procedures concerning NewTek products, please contact NewTek, Inc.

Related Website:


  • On rare occasions, RTSP connection is lost so that the video streaming stops. This problem is fixed.

AW-HE130 W/K
Camera Main V 02.20
Network V 02.23
Servo (Pan/Tilt) V 1.01
Interface V 02.20
Lens V 1.02
Interface V 1.00

(Bold: update software)

New Features

  1. Under the following conditions, HD-SDI output signal is out of sync. This problem is fixed.
    Output Format: 720/59p or 50p
    G/L REF Signal: 720/59p, Tri-level SYNC is input.
    Horizontal Phase setting: Set at the “+” side.
  2. Under the following conditions, video signal has a 1V delay in comparison with audio signal. This problem is fixed.
    Install Position: Hanging
    Smart Picture Flip: Auto

AW-HE130 W/K


Camera Main V 02.01
Network V 02.00
Servo (Pan/Tilt) V 1.01
Interface V 02.00
Lens V 1.02
Interface V 1.00

(Bold: update software)

New Features

  1. Additional function to stop transmitting JPEG images over IP
    Setting for JPEG Ch1 – 3: ON / OFF
  2. D-Extender is added to Preset Setting items.
    Preset D-Extender setting: ON / OFF
  3. Additional function to specify the RTSP port
    Setting range: 1 – 65535 (Factory default: 554)
  4. OFF mode is added for Status LED Lamp on the front.
    Status Lamp setting: Disable / Enable
  5. G.726 is added to the audio formats.
    Change of item name: AAC-HQ → AAC-LC(High quality)
    Audio Encoding Format setting: G.726 / AAC-LC(High quality)
  6. Default for Network Settings is changed.
    Auto(Advanced) -> Static
  7. Default for Easy IP Setup Accommodate Period is changed.
    20min -> Unlimited
  8. Support for the control from EIZO monitors
    EIZO products: DuraVision FDF2304W-IP
  9. Enhancement of log function
    Capacity of access log via the network is increase.
    Additional function to retrieve / delete the system log via the network
  10. SNMPv3 is supported additionally to SNMPv1/v2. Support for encrypted communication
  11. Additional function to change the RTSP URL to be specified for streaming
  12. A new update tool “AW-HE130 Multiple Simultaneous Update Tool” is provided, which allows you to update multiple AW-HE130 cameras all at once.


  • Camera Main V 02.00
  • Network V 02.00
  • Servo (Pan/Tilt) V 1.01
  • Interface V 02.00


  • Lens V 1.02


  • Interface V 1.00

AW-HE130 W/K


  • The stability of camera out was improved by optimizing the process.


  • Camera Main V 1.08
  • Network V 1.06
  • Servo (Pan/Tilt) V 1.01
  • Interface V 1.04


  • *Lens V 1.02


  • Interface V 1.00

*Bold: update software

AW-HE130 W/K


  • Camera Main V 1.08
  • Network V 1.06
  • Servo (Pan/Tilt) V 1.01
  • Interface V 1.04


  • Lens V 1.01


  • Interface V 1.00

Download the latest Firmware and Software

TVTechnology: AW-HE130 Integrated Remote HD/SD Camera by Geoff Poister

The Panasonic AW-HE130 is a remarkably useful camera for covering any event or studio operation where versatile, multicamera coverage is required. It's small and agile, so it can be mounted almost anywhere, yet it is a full-fledged HD camera that delivers very sharp images throughout its formidable zoom range. In many cases it can eliminate the need for camera operators, which will result in major cost savings
See full article
  • 1 x AW-HE130
  • 1 x CD-ROM (Operating Instructions, Easy IP Setup Software, Plug-in Viewer Software Installer)
  • 1 x Mount Bracket
  • 1 x Main Unit Mounting Screw with Flat Washer, Spring Washer (M3 x 6mm)
  • 1 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Cable Cover
  • 1 x Drop Prevention Wire (includes 1 x Drop Prevention Wire Mounting Screw)
  • 4 x Bracket Mounting Screws (Bind-Head M4 x 10mm)

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