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OpTech Slingstrap Adaptor | Convert most Optech straps into a sling strap


Slingstrap Adaptor

Convert most Optech straps into a sling strap

Product Code: OPTE8462

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  • Converts most OP/TECH USA straps into an over-the-shoulder sling
  • Features two Uni-Loop Connectors™ for gear
  • Camera or binoculars glide freely up and down
  • Adjustable length of 23" to 36"
  • Made in the USA

With the OP/TECH USA System Connectors™, the camera/binocular owner has several connection options. You can buy an extra set of connectors to customize the strap to best suit your needs. Straps can be lengthened to be worn across the chest or shortened to be worn at chest level. Another feature of the System Connectors™ is the small carrying handle created when the quick disconnects are latched together.

The Sling Strap Adaptor™ clips onto a strap pad to convert it into an over-the-shoulder sling. Two Uni-Loops™ allow for use with a pro battery pack and offer even more options for carrying gear. (Please note: the Sling Strap Adaptor™ does not come with a strap pad. If you are interested in purchasing the Sling Strap Adaptor™ with a strap pad please take a look at the Utility Strap™ - Sling).

  • Slingstrap Adaptor
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