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OpTech Quick Release Plate (Arca-Swiss) | Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate with strap tether point


Quick Release Plate (Arca-Swiss)

Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate with strap tether point

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  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss mounting systems
  • Attachment area accommodates OP/TECH USA System Connectors™–Uni-Loop (sold separately) for versatility
  • 1/4-20 mounting screw with built-in folding handle
  • Dimensions: 76 x 38 x 9.5mm

OP/TECH USA's Quick Release Plate is the ideal accessory when combined with an OP/TECH USA strap or harness. Using OP/TECH System Connectors™–Uni-Loop (sold separately) you can change between wrist straps, shoulder slings and harnesses in just a few seconds - all without sacrificing your tripod mount. If you want to change the way your camera hangs on your body, try adding the Quick Release Plate to the Utility Sling as a secondary connection point. You’ll love the results!

The Quick Release Plate is made of high-grade aluminium. The top surface features rubberised gripping pads to keep your camera from slipping. The mounting screw has its own built-in folding handle so no tools are needed to apply it to your gear. You can quickly secure the plate and fold down the handle so that it’s out of way. The plate can be mounted using any of the three provided slots so you're sure to find one to fit your camera and desired mounting position.

Attaching the System Connectors™–Uni-Loop is as easy as one, two, three. When not attached to a sling or harness, it hangs out of the way - even when the Quick Release Plate is mounted to a tripod. For ultimate function and versatility, combine the OP/TECH USA Quick Release Plate with a System Connectors™–Uni-Loop and start enjoying unlimited freedom in carrying options. It’s just the ticket!

  • Quick Release Plate (Arca-Swiss)
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