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OpTech Mini QD Extensions | Extends Mini QD straps by an extra 6-9"


Mini QD Extensions

Extends Mini QD straps by an extra 6-9"

Product Code: OPTE8472

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  • Works with any OP/TECH USA strap with a Mini QD
  • Sold in sets of two
  • Made in the USA

OP/TECH USA offers still more options for carrying smaller cameras and binoculars with the System Connectors™ – Mini QD Extensions.

Often it’s very convenient to keep gear closer to the body, but when a little more length is needed, the Mini QD Extensions™ work perfectly. The connectors add 6-9” (15.2-22.9 cm) of length to each side of the popular OP/TECH USA Bin/Op Strap™. They’re also great for creating a short tether between a camera and a Cam Strap™ – QD wrist strap or a Compact Sling™ shoulder sling!

The durable nylon webbing and sturdy quick disconnects offer versatility and security when used with any of OP/TECH USA’s smaller strap series that use our mini 3/8” quick disconnects. The imagination is the only limitation when using OP/TECH USA straps, pouches and accessories.

  • Mini QD Extensions
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