Magenta Research Voyager Matrix 48

48 x 48 Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher

Suggested List Price: £15,999+VAT

Product Code: MAG-2330002-01

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Optional Extras

Magenta Research Voyager VG-Matrix 8-Port Duplex I-O Card

Magenta Research Voyager VG-Matrix 8-Port Duplex I-O Card

8 inputs or outputs for HDCP video and two-way RS-232 switching

Product Code: MAG-2211089-01

Suggested List Price: £1,920+VAT

Magenta Research Voyager VG-Matrix 8-Port Simplex I-O Card

Magenta Research Voyager VG-Matrix 8-Port Simplex I-O Card

8 inputs and 8 outputs for non-HDCP video and one-way RS-232 switching

Product Code: MAG-2211088-01

Suggested List Price: £1,360+VAT

  • Full-matrix crosspoint switching with Fiber I/O or Fiber I/O with HDCP
  • Modular & scalable up to 48x48 (Simplex mode configurations. Duplex modes are half the configuration but inputs and output modules are interchangeable in non-HDCP applications)
  • Switching and fiber extension in one platform
  • FiberMAX Engine for high-bandwidth multi-signal transmission from source to display over fiber
  • Uncompressed multi-format digital & analogue video at 1920x1200 (HDMI, DVI, VGA, YUV, Y/C, Composite) determined by connected VG-TX, VG-RX
  • Multi-format audio and RS-2322 determined by connected VG-TX, VG-RX
  • Auto format conversion between video & audio signal types
  • Distance range of up to 18.75MI/30KM (300m (50um cable), 3300ft/1KM (OM3 cable), 6600ft/2KM (OM4 cable), Operating distances are approximate and base on typical distances. The maximum distance may vary due to many factors including fiber type, bandwidth, connector splicing, losses and dispersion) determined on input and output
  • Mixed singlemode and multimode fiber support (Determined by receiver type. The attached receiver or DA includes an extra MM or SM fiber module for the transmitter side fiber output.)
  • Advanced EDID management and full HDCP compliance
  • Dual redundant, hot swappable power supplies with dual AC inputs
  • Optional touch screen control panel
  • Hot plug support
  • Magenta quality and reliability for 24/7 operation

The Voyager VG-Matrix 48x is a high performance full crosspoint matrix switching and extension platform for uncompressed hi-definition video audio and RS-232 control signals over fiber optic cabling. When combined with Voyager series transmitters and receivers, the VG-Matrix can enable any end to end configuration for AV signal distribution.

The VG-Matrix 48x is modular and scalable and can be field configured in increments of 8 inputs and/or outputs up to a maximum of 48x48. Fiber I/O cards connect seamlessly to the fiber inputs or outputs of Voyager transmitters and receivers delivering matrix switching and long distance extension in one platform.

Fully populated, a 48x Voyager VG-Matrix operates as a 48x48 in simplex mode. In duplex mode, which supports two-way RS-232 and HDCP, the switch can operate as 1x47, 2x46, 47x1, 46x2, or any possible combination in between, thanks to Magenta's Flex I/O technology.

Firmware Version FW2015-03

New Features

  • None - Reliability and stability improvements only.

Defects Resolved With This Release

  • Improvements to Audio gain and noise handling
  • Timing constraints improved
  • Potential startup issues resolved

Known Issues With This Release

  • Frame rate inconsistancies (59.98Hz sent received as 60Hz and 60Hz received as 59.98Hz

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