Magenta Research Voyager CF-HDMI-TX2

Two-port Compact Format HDMI/DVI transmitter card with HDCP for CF-18 Chassis

Suggested List Price: £400+VAT

Product Code: MAG-2211107-01

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Magenta Research Voyager CFS-HDMI-TX2

Standalone - Two-port Compact Format HDMI/DVI transmitter with HDCP

Product Code: MAG-2211108-01

Suggested List price: £400+VAT

Optional Extras

Magenta Research Voyager CF-HDMI-RX2

Two-port Compact Format HDMI/DVI receiver card with HDCP for CF-18 Chassis

Product Code: MAG-2211109-01

Suggested List Price: £400+VAT

  • Two duplex fiber output ports
  • Transmitter card for use with Voyager CF-18 chassis
  • Uncompressed multi-format video at 1920x1200
  • Distance range of up to 18.75MI/30KM determined by receiver
  • Singlemode or multimode fiber support
  • Advanced EDID management and HDCP compliance
  • Local video output (HDMI)
  • Unit ships with one (1) multimode fiber optic SFP module

Designed for use with the 4U, rack-mountable Voyager CF-18 chassis, the Voyager CF-HDMI-TX2 transmitter serves as a starting point for the extension and distribution of video (HDMI with HDCP or DVI), audio and serial signals over fiber-optic cable.

A single CF-18 chassis can hold—and power—18 CF-HDMI-TX2 transmitters, leading to neater racks and a more streamlined and efficient installation process versus individually rack mounting and installing individual Voyager transmitters.

CF-HDMI-TX2 units support the transmission of 1920x1200 uncompressed video (either HDMI w HDCP or DVI), plus audio and serial to distances of 6,600 feet over multimode fiber. While it ships with one MMF SFP standard, the transmitter features a second port that, when populated with a second SFP, introduces a variety of signal distribution options. For example, users could cascade signals to a second transmitter, or feed a second grouping of Voyager receivers (which can be daisy-chained).

Singlemode fiber optic modules supporting longer distances (4KM and 30KM) are available from Magenta.

Firmware Version FW2015-03

New Features

  • None - Reliability and stability improvements only.

Defects Resolved With This Release

  • Improvements to Audio gain and noise handling
  • Timing constraints improved
  • Potential startup issues resolved

Known Issues With This Release

  • Frame rate inconsistancies (59.98Hz sent received as 60Hz and 60Hz received as 59.98Hz

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