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MultiView II T4-A


Magenta Research MultiView II T4-A

four Port Video and Audio UTP Transmitter

Product Code: MAG-2620003-02

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  • RGBHV and non-RGBHV (Non-RGBHV includes S-video, composite and component and requires an optional Multimedia breakout cable) video support
  • 4 UTP output ports supporting up to 48 receivers per transmitter
  • Available in MultiView-A and MultiView-S functionality versions
  • Compatible with all MultiView-A and -S transmitters, receivers, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers
  • External DDC/EDID controls
  • External sync, coupling and 4th pair controls
  • Supports 1920x1200 resolution from 1 to 2000ft/609m (Maximum distance capability is determined by receivers distance specification)
  • Local out / Cascade support (Local VGA and audio output can be used for local monitoring or for cascading to any other transmitter type for additional outputs. External splitter may be used to distribute serial signals to cascaded transmitters)
  • Optional mount kits and mini-dense power supplies for rack-mount / rigid installations

Enabling a wide variety of point to multi-point configurations, the MultiView II T4 transmitter has 4 UTP output ports, which can be connected to 4 receivers, or 4 daisy chains of up to 12 receivers each, for a total of 48 receivers. Additional outputs can be enabled by cascading the local output port to additional T4 or other transmitters.

Totally redesigned, the MultiView II T4 now features DDC/EDID modes of operation that ensure replicating crisp 1080p video at 2,000 feet is easier than ever before. Three DDC modes are included—Magenta Magic, LOCAL (stores DDC from a local display) and COPY (stores DDC info from any previously connected display).

Also new are a series of external buttons that grant users total control over RepliSync modes, fourth-pair configurations (audio or serial) and AC/DC coupling options.

The T4 transmitter is available in MultiView-A and MultiView-S functionality and is compatible with –A and -S transmitters, receivers, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers. When used with the appropriate receivers, the T4 delivers the world’s longest UTP extension capability at the highest resolution—1920x1200 at 2000ft/609m.


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