Magenta Research Mondo TC

Touch Control LCD Panel for the Mondo Matrix

Product Code: MAG-2211061-01

Suggested Retail Price £1,275+VAT

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  • Auto configures to any size Mondo Matrix
  • Route audio and/or serial independently of video
  • Save configurations for (example) zone-based switching
  • 7" touch-screen (800x480 resolution)
  • Dual power inlets for redundancy (only one power cord provided with unit)
  • Takes up only 3U of rack space

The Mondo TC touch-screen controller is a simple yet effective way to control a Mondo Matrix crosspoint switch. The unit mounts in 3U of rack space (typically right above the master chassis of a Mondo) and lets users route signals using a 7-inch, 800x480 resolution touch-screen.

Setup is as easy as powering the TC unit and connecting to a Mondo's RS-232 port—that's it! From there the Mondo TC will self-configure to your Mondo. Users can custom label all inputs and outputs, switch audio and/or serial (4th pair) independently of video, setup and save routing configurations and even customize the background of the TC to their liking.

Integrators, if your end user needs a simple and cost-effective way to control a Mondo-based system, look no further than the Mondo TC.


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