2Core SM Hybrid UL 100


2Core SM Hybrid UL 100

2Core Single Mode Hybrid Ultra Light 100M Fibre Cable

Product Code: FCT-2CSMHB100

Suggested Retail Price £1,050+VAT

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  • 2Core Single Mode Hybrid Ultra Light 100M Fibre Cable
  • Hybrid: video, power and control signals
  • Two cores of protected fiber
  • Copper cable for power connection
  • Single mode 9/125
  • Outer cable diameter 7.2 mm.
  • Colour coded (two yellow rings for 2Core single mode and two red rings for power)
  • Cable length: 100 meters
  • Robust male cable connector on both sides
  • Wound on Schill GT310 drum
  • Ruggedized connectors fit perfectly the robust outdoor cable material
  • Screw cap protects perfectly against dust and spray water
  • Cap, plug and receptacle are sealed according to EN60529 IP67
  • Weight (on drum): 8.6kg
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