Datavideo Solutions

Virtual Studio Production Class

Datavideo Solutions

Virtual Studio Production Class

Workflow for teaching students how to operate a virtual studio production

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Just because students are producing a show, it doesn’t mean school productions have to sacrifice on having a professional quality. Professional keying quality in the TVS-1200A virtual studio allows schools to take their classroom and turn it into a state of the art virtual set. All you need is to set up a green screen in your classroom, and with a technology of the TVS-1200A, you can be broadcasting your morning announcements inside a set that looks like a network television news set.

  • All-in-One System
    Create virtual sets, switch between two cameras, add titles for character generation, record your video, and stream to the internet from one product.
  • High Quality Camera
    BC-80 cameras that come with this solution are compact, lightweight, and support up to 1080p resolutions with HD-SDI outputs.

Includes The Following Products

  • 1 x TVS-1200A Trackless Virtual Studio
  • 1 x RMC-220 Controller for TVS-1200A
  • 2 x BC-80 Cameras
  • 1 x AD-200 Audio Delay Box
  • 1 x DVS-200 Video Cloud Server
Ready, Set, Present

Conferences, huddle rooms and presentations are fast paced environments where time is money and the audience does not like to wait. This is where an AV converter like the DAC-75T just thrives. Your speaker wants to connect their laptop and see it displayed or projected straight away. They may have VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port or even SDI. So not getting the picture and fiddling with tiny dip switches, in a dark room, is what they want to avoid. Especially when there is no tech guy around.


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