Datavideo TLM-43LB

4.3" Look-Back System

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TLM-430 Features:

  • 4.3” 480 x 272 LCD active matrix for Preview and Look Back
  • Enlarged Bi-Colour Tally LED indicators (Red & Green)
  • 16:9 & 4:3 Aspect Ratio Support
  • Remote Controllable by Datavideo RMC-200
  • DC 12v Power Operation. AC Adapter inc or battery
  • Available in two versions, with Sony BP-U or NP-F series battery mounts

RMC-200 Features:

  • Controls Camcorder Pause / Record + Record on Datavideo DN-60A Recorder
  • Zoom Control with variable speed
  • Controls switch to return feed input on Datavideo TLM-430 Look Back Monitor
  • Mounts on to Tripod Arm
  • Supports Sony LANC Control - suitable for many Panasonic, Canon & Sony  Camcorders

Technology Guides

Convert a camcorder into a studio camera system with Datavideo's TLM-43LB, a camera Look Back System that comprises of:

In addition to operating a range of cameras from Panasonic, Sony & Canon, the TLM-43LB can also control a Datavideo DN-60A CF Card recorder.

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