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Shoulder Mount Rig

Product Code: DATA-SLD1

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  • Shoulder Mount Rig
  • Light & robust aluminum die-cast body
  • Great weight balance
  • Power supply from V-mount battery
  • USB port for LED light and Phone charger
  • Power Input: V-mount battery plate
  • Power Output: D-Tap Connector
  • Phone Charger and Light: USB
  • Dimension: 351.2 x 70 x 200.5mm

SLD-1 SLED is a Shoulder Mount Rig that offers comfortable and professional operation.

It perfectly accommodates many popular cameras from major camera manufacturers.

Equipped with rear V-mount battery plate expands power options and allows for other accessories to be mounted to the back like AD-2 adapter. There's also a D-Tap connector to supply power to camera.

There is a USB port for supplying power to LED light, or can be a USB power charger for smart phone.

Ready, Set, Present

Conferences, huddle rooms and presentations are fast paced environments where time is money and the audience does not like to wait. This is where an AV converter like the DAC-75T just thrives. Your speaker wants to connect their laptop and see it displayed or projected straight away. They may have VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port or even SDI. So not getting the picture and fiddling with tiny dip switches, in a dark room, is what they want to avoid. Especially when there is no tech guy around.

  • 1x SLD-1 SLED Unit


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