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4 Channel Simultaneous encoder, recorder and streaming

Product Code: DATA-NVS40

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• Record and stream 4 channels simultaneously
• Use four HDMI sources or three HDMI and one SDI
• HDMI Multiview output
• H.264/AVC High Profile Level 4.1
• Configurable bit rate up to 30Mbps per channel
• Stream and record each channel at different bitrates
• Built-in de-interlacer
• Built-in video Down scaler: resize range from 128x128 to 1920x1080
• Isolated / PIP / PBP (Picture by Picture) video processing modes
• Dynamic Parameter Settings Adjustment: GOP structure, Frame Rate, Bit rate

The NVS-40 is a multi-channel video streaming and recording device. It features independent SDI and HDMI inputs, allowing up-to four sources to be recorded to any hard drive or SSD and streamed simultaneously, the streaming and recording bitrates can be set independently. It also features external XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced audio connections.

The NVS-40 encodes using the H264 codec and supports RTSP / RTMP and HLS protocols making it compatible with most common decoders and CDNs such as YouTube Live, Facebook and Twitch.

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