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DVS-200 4 Channel HDMI Live Streaming & Recording Turnkey

Product Code: DATA-DVS200-HDMI4

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DVS-200 – Multi-Platform Streaming Server Software

  • Stream directly to devices with our included web player
  • Stream to content delivery networks like YouTube Live, Facebook and more
  • Distribute streams to other instances of DVS-200 for global coverage
  • Record streams in the cloud for future VOD (video on demand) playback
  • Run a multi-channel VOD IPTV network
  • Cater to a large audience with high quality real time transcoding options

DVS-200 As a content delivery system (In the Cloud)

  • Install on 3rd party Cloud Servers (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Linode etc.).
  • Enables content to be streamed to large number of viewers using the built in video player or via a variety of different platforms (YouTube, Facebook etc.) – all at the same time
  • Solution is extremely cost effective and fully scalable and can be monetised by password protecting the streams

DVS-200 As a multi-channel recorder

Record up to 16 SDI or HDMI sources and an unlimited* number of IP sources at the same time

  • ISO recording for live events such as concerts or conference
  • Ideal for usability labs

DVS-200 As an IPTV system (In the Cloud)

  • Live streams or video files are pushed to the DVS-200 in the cloud or on the local network
  • DVS-200 automatically generates a channel list of both live streams and pre-recorded content
  • Channel List can be configured by administrator with various levels of access rights to users
  • Users can view by MAC, PC, Tablet, or now via NVD-30/35 using the built-in set-top box function and supplied IR remote control.

DVS-200 As a multi-channel encoder

  • Multiple SDI or HDMI sources can be encoded at the same time
  • Each source can be streamed to an unlimited* number of destinations
  • Streams can be delivered directly to any device without using an external CDN
  • IP sources can be re-encoded (transcoded)
  • Video Bitrate up to 20Mbps

The DVS-200 is a revolutionary server software that allows users to stream video to multiple platforms such as CDNs, social networks, and websites simultaneously. It can encode/stream, transcode, and record video simultaneously.

The DVS-200 is an ideal tool to increase viewers by delivering your stream to a wider audience throughout multiple networks such as Facebook, Youtube, UStream and corporate or personal websites.

The DVS-200 can accept multiple ingestions at the same time, making it a multi-channel recorder as well. The recorded content can be saved on the local hard drive and can be viewed through VOD (video on demand) later.

Your presentations and live events can be delivered directly to your viewers no matter what device they use. The hosted web player supports all mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, the optional NVD-30 or NVD-35 decoders can be used for a true IPTV experience.

Datavideo DVS-200-HDMI8

DVS-200 8 Channel HDMI Live Streaming & Recording Turnkey

Datavideo DVS-200-SDI4

DVS-200 4 Channel SDI Live Streaming & Recording Turnkey

Datavideo DVS-200-SDI8

DVS-200 8 Channel SDI Live Streaming & Recording Turnkey

Datavideo DVS-200-HDMI16

DVS-200 16 Channel HDMI Live Streaming & Recording Turnkey

Datavideo DVS-200-SDI16

DVS-200 16Channel SDI Live Streaming & Recording Turnkey

The perfect breakout assistant

Datavideo's DAC-75T is designed to convert video signals from VGA, HDMI, SDI to HDMI or SDI. With touchscreen control, it's a great ally for venues, conference teams and AV rental teams that need to be ready for whatever the presenter needs to project.  DAC-75T makes childplay of connecting your source to a screen or projector. The DAC-75T does upscaling, downscaling and standards conversion for any HDMI, VGA or SDI device to any HDMI or SDI screen or projector. RCA inputs allow audio to be embedded to the output of the video signal for recording purposes.

Datavideo’s usability lab is a great user experience

Today software, apps and computer games cannot be released with clunky user interfaces or huge menu structures. And who has time to read an inch-thick software manual these days? Instead new software is tested on first-time users to check its “usability” or user-friendliness. Anything that delays or confuses a user is tweaked or cut to make learning new software an intuitive and pleasant experience.

  • 2U Rackmounted PC
  • 4 Channel HDMI / SDI Capture Cards
  • Datavideo DVS-200 Software
  • Fully configured & tested, ready to go


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