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Datavideo DVK-400 | 4K Real-time chromakeyer

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4K Real-time chromakeyer

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DVK-400 is an advanced 4K chromakey device which is easy to operate and delivers excellent results.

The device can be controlled locally using a directly attached laptop or remotely over an IP network. Fitting into HDMI and SDI-based live environments, the DVK-400 supports up to UHD resolutions with easy spill suppression, colour enhancement

  • 4K Real-time chromakeyer with 4:4:4 10-bit internal process
  • Easy operation and control via LAN connection to laptop
  • Advanced algorithm can present transparency, smoke, reflection and shadow in detail
  • Easy spill suppression with colour enhancement
  • Full Foreground post processing for getting nature composite result with Background
  • Multiple HDMI and SDI outputs for Program and Preview with mirror option
  • Store / Recall : 3 sets of instant switchable parameters (by Control s/w)
  • Key noise reduction
  • Matte control to adjust black and white level for a precise chroma key setting to delete the reflective colour from foreground
  • Dark/Bright/Shadow enhancement
  • Post processing – correction of picture parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation) applied on foreground signal after keying processing
  • Garbage Mask with soft edge
  • Auto Chroma Key function
  • Mirror PGM output
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DVK-400 Version: DVK400_FW1. 43 _FP GA_ 1. 41_APP_1.45


  1. Added Holdout Mask function for protecting the foreground original color from affecting by Chromakey operation by creating a rectangular Holdout Mask.
  2. Added AUX Lumakey function for removing the black or white background from the AUX input source. The AUX Lumakey source can be overlapped in front of the Chromakeyed talent. The AUX Lumakey layer can be switched with the Chromakey layer.
  3. The language switching function for English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese is added for the DVK 400 App User interface.

DVK-400 Version: DVK400_FW1.2 9 _FP GA_ 1.2 8


  1. Fixed the issue for SDI 1080p60/59/50 payload for solving the issue that when some BMD capture cards are installed for the TVS 3000, the no picture issue will happen.
  2. Fixed the HDMI OUT H/V front/back porch issue to solve the down scrolling and right moving issues for the KMU-200.
  3. Fixed the VIC Encoding for the HDMI OUT DVI InfoFrame for solving the compatibility issue for the TLM 700K 2160p30/29/25.
  4. Supports 3G-SDI Level B input.

DVK-400 Version: DVK400_FW1.27_FP1.26DVK400_FW1.27_FP1.26


  1. Fixed the issue for the HDMI IN 444 to 422 chroma filter. The discoloration issue may be seen at even Fixed the issue for the HDMI IN 444 to 422 chroma filter. The discoloration issue may be seen at even point.point.
  2. The reset default value for Windows is modified to “enabled”.
  3. The Windows border effect is modified to the same border width for each resolution.for each resolution.
  4. Fixed the issue that will cause the wrong PVW OUT settings of the TPC--700.700.
  5. Improved the HDMI OUT jitter to solve the possible screen interruption problem when the 216050--60 is 60 is connected to ASUS MG28UQconnected to ASUS MG28UQ monitor in low temperature smonitor in low temperature situation. ituation.
  6. Fixed the possible output color shift problem for the PFG/Comp when the DVK--400 is powered on at 1080 400 is powered on at 1080 50i resolution. 50i resolution.

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