Datavideo DAC-91

Audio Embedder

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Product Code: DATA-DAC91

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  • Audio Embedder
  • Embed Audio into an SDI Signal
  • Automatically detects 3G, HD, SD signal
  • 4 x Analogue Audio inputs (Mini XLR x 2, RCA x 2)
  • Audio level indicator display
  • Audio level adjustment
  • Control via DIP Switches

The DAC-91 is an embedded audio box with useful functions that allow users to embed 2 channels of analogue audio into SDI video signal.

It features 3G/HD/SD-SDI to support up to 1080p/60 video format, automatically detecting and switching between the different formats and provides mini XLR and RCA audio connectors for inputting analogue audio.

The Audio box also has audio level adjustment by using the built-in DIP switches.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x DAC-91
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V
  • 2 x Mini XLR to female XLR cable