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Camera control unit - JVC

Product Code: DATA-CCU100J

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  • Control up to 4 cameras from one CCU-100J Camera Control Unit using the supplied AD-2J units
  • Remote control of camera functions including Iris, shutter, gain, master pedestal etc
  • HD/SD SDI video transmission from digital camera
  • Transmission of view finder / monitor video signals
  • Return look back video signal for camera operator
  • Two-way intercom with camera operators using an ITC-100
  • Datavideo switcher tally support
  • DC Power supply from 4-PIN XLR sources such as PD-6 Power Center
  • RJ-45 Port providing connection to MCU 100J/ 200J  for Remote Control

The CCU-100J can be used for passing on power to professional video cameras from the Datavideo PD-6 power centre and handling signals sent over the camera cables (CB-43 / 44 / 45 / 49) to a switcher. In this way, it is used to remotely set up various camera parameters such as iris, shutter, gain, and master pedestal using an MCU-200J.

As well as passing on camera control signals, the CCU-100 system simultaneously handles digital SDI and analogue signals for camera video output, Program look back video, camera view finder data as well as tally and intercom signals between the cameras and a video switcher.

The Datavideo AD-2J, Multi Transmission Adaptor Box, is an adaptor box that allows connections between the CCU-100 Camera Control Unit and a single camera position. The CCU-100 and AD-2J form part of an integrated cabling solution that allows you to get things done fast, easy and within a budget.

Ready, Set, Present

Conferences, huddle rooms and presentations are fast paced environments where time is money and the audience does not like to wait. This is where an AV converter like the DAC-75T just thrives. Your speaker wants to connect their laptop and see it displayed or projected straight away. They may have VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port or even SDI. So not getting the picture and fiddling with tiny dip switches, in a dark room, is what they want to avoid. Especially when there is no tech guy around.


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