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Core SWX MACH-4B | Four position charger, 4A Simultaneous rapid charge, B-mount

Core SWX


Four position charger, 4A Simultaneous rapid charge, B-mount

Product Code: CORE-MACH-4B

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  • Four position charger, 4A Simultaneous rapid charge, B-mount
  • Four independent B-Mount charge bays with simultaneous charging
  • Designed for Core Helix B-mount packs
  • Approximately 90min. charge time for four 98Wh batteries
  • Red and green status LEDs
  • 90-240 VAC worldwide compatible input voltage
  • Aluminium build
  • Weighs 5 lb
  • Approximately 3.15" thick
  • Recessed carry handle
  • Quick Charge Current: 4A Simultaneous
  • Size: 8.9” x 3.15” x 12.4”
  • Weight: 5lbs.
  • Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

Featuring four independent charge bays, the Core SWX MACH4 Charger is capable of charging four batteries simultaneously by focusing on each individually. Offering the fastest charge speed on the market, the charger can completely charge four 98Wh batteries in approximately 90min. 

Red and green LEDs indicate charging/complete status. Supporting 90-240 VAC input voltage, the Mach4 is worldwide compatible.

The new low profile design is over ½” thinner than comparable models.  The charger features a recessed carry handle that makes transport convenient. The housing is made of aluminum, providing for a robust build and made in the USA.

B-Mount: the New 24V Battery System

B-Mount is a new high-powered standard for onboard batteries, designed in response to the increasing power demands from LED fixtures and cameras. It will allow for the full resolution and frame rates of newer generation camera to be unlocked, and for higher powered and more portable lighting to be used on set or on location.

Core SWX Expands European Distribution Network

Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces Holdan as its new European distributor. Based in the UK, Holdan will offer Core’s full line of battery and charging solutions, including its latest Powerbase Edge and Nano-M Series.

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