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Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Extreme ND64 | Glass Full ND64 (6 stop) filter for Cokin L Size (Z-Pro Series) filter holders


Z-Pro (L) Nuances Extreme ND64

Glass Full ND64 (6 stop) filter for Cokin L Size (Z-Pro Series) filter holders

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  • 6-Stop Solid Neutral Density Filter
  • 64x Filter Factor (1.8)
  • Hardened Tempered Schott Glass
  • Nano-Metallic Alloy coating for stunning colour neutrality and consistency across the range
  • Filter dimensions: 130 x 170 x 2.3mm

The Nuances Extreme ND64 (solid neutral density) reduces light transmission by 6 stops, allowing the use of slower shutter speeds and wider apertures. Nuances Extreme filters are made from a new type of tempered optical glass that is 4 times stronger than the previous series. This means your new filters can travel with you into extreme conditions and withstand those inevitable drops and scratches that can happen to any photographer.

A new Nano-Metallic Alloy coating process ensures uniform density. This process results in stunning neutrality and absolute colour consistency throughout all types and densities in the series. So switching from one density or style to another will still yield the exact same colour results, with no adjustments necessary. These filters have an industry standard 2mm thick glass and rounded corners to make them easy to insert into a filter holder. If a light-tight seal is needed, Cokin recommends using the back slot of the EVO series filter holders.

Filter Tips: Neutral Density Filters and Landscape Photography

One of the topics that I always cover on my landscape photography workshops is the use of filters. After we've been through the how, when and why to use them, the first question that usually follows is which filter should I buy?

  • Nuances Extreme Glass Filter
  • Filter Pouch
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