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Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR | Advanced 8K DisplayPort monitoring solution with dual on screen scope overlays, HDR, 33 point 3D LUTs and monitor calibration

Blackmagic Design

Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR

Advanced 8K DisplayPort monitoring solution with dual on screen scope overlays, HDR, 33 point 3D LUTs and monitor calibration


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  • Includes support for HDR via SDI and DisplayPort
  • Two built in scopes live overlaid on monitor
  • Film industry quality 33 point 3D LUTs
  • Supports automatic monitor calibration using colour probes
  • Advanced Quad Link 12G-SDI inputs for 8K
  • Scales input video to the native monitor resolution
  • Includes LCD for monitoring and menu settings
  • Utility software included for Mac and Windows
  • Supports latest 8K DisplayPort monitors and displays
  • Can be used on a desktop or rack mounted

Advanced 8K monitoring solution with dual on-screen scope overlays, HDR, 33 point 3D LUTs and monitor calibration

Teranex Mini 8K HDR is an advanced 8K monitoring solution for large screen televisions, video projectors and DisplayPort monitors. Unlike basic converters, Teranex Mini 8K HDR can use third party calibration probes to accurately align connected displays for precise colour. There are 2 on‑screen scopes that can be selected between WFM, Parade, Vector and Histogram. and Histogram. Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K HDR is perfect for film studios and broadcasters who need professional but affordable colour accurate monitoring, while Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR also works with the latest 8K DisplayPort monitors. You also get an elegant design with colour LCD for monitoring and control of settings.

Advanced 8K Monitoring

Teranex Mini 8K HDR has been designed for any broadcast, live production or feature film work where you need large colour accurate SDI monitoring. Perfect for accurate grading monitoring for DaVinci Resolve, you can unload CPU and GPU processing, as both models draw the 3D LUTs and scopes for you. That's important when using heavy 8K formats. When you use an Apple Pro Display XDR with Teranex SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR, you can even select from the monitor’s built in colour profiles so that you can accurately match the colour space and gamma to the SDI input for precise colour grading. Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K HDR is also great when using large televisions for multi view on switchers such as ATEM Constellation 8K so each view is large enough to check focus. You can even use quad split to build large video walls from multiple monitors. Imagine building giant 8K video walls at concerts and theaters.

Designed for Broadcast and Post Production

The innovative design is much better than regular converters as you can rack mount the converter if needed. The front panel feels elegant when placed on a desktop plus it includes buttons and a colour display for video monitoring with audio meters and video standard. The rear panel has Quad Link 12G‑SDI for HD, Ultra HD as well as up to 8K formats. The Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K HDR has 4 HDMI outputs allowing use with 8K televisions that feature quad HDMI inputs. The Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR has a USB-C style connection for monitors such as the Apple Pro Display XDR, and 2 full size DisplayPort connections for regular computer monitors. The built-in scaler will ensure the video input standard is scaled to the native resolution of the connected DisplayPort monitor. Or, use the built-in pixel-by-pixel mode to view unscaled HD or 4K content. Plus, both models feature down conversion for using 8K sources on Ultra HD or HD televisions and monitors. You can even convert between 2SI and Square Division all automatically. There’s also AC power, analogue audio HiFi out and a front panel USB connection for use with monitor calibration probes.

Latest HDR Support

Teranex Mini 8K HDR has everything for the latest HDR workflows. All that’s required is to connect an HDMI display or DisplayPort monitor to get HDR SDI monitoring. Static metadata PQ and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) formats in the VPID are handled according to the ST2108‑1, ST2084 and the ST425 standards. Teranex Mini 8K HDR models handle ST425 which defines 2 new bits in the VPID to indicate transfer characteristic of SDR, HLG or PQ. Plus the ST2108‑1 standard defines how to transport HDR static or dynamic metadata over SDI. There is also support for ST2082‑10 for 12G SDI, as well as ST425 for 3G‑SDI sources. Both Rec.2020 and Rec.709 colour space are supported, and 100% of the DCI‑P3 format.

Real Time Integrated Scopes

Two fully independent on screen scopes are included so compliance with broadcast standards is easy when doing critical high end work. Scopes are overlaid on screen so you can customize position, size and opacity. You can select from a range of scopes, including waveform for displaying luminance levels of your input signal. The vectorscope display allows you to see the intensity of colour at 100% SDI reference levels. You also get RGB and YUV parade displays which are ideal for colour correction and checking for illegal levels. Histogram shows the distribution of white to black detail in your images and highlights or shadows clipping.

Advanced 33 Point 3D LUTS

Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K HDR and Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR both include the same high quality 33 point 3D LUTs as used in the film industry. 3D LUTs are perfect for recreating the look of old style film stocks, or they can be used to compensate for the colourimetry of the connected display. It's even possible to calibrate the connected display by connecting a third party USB colour probe and Teranex Mini 8K HDR will analyze the monitor and generate a 3D LUT to correct for colour differences between displays. Two independent 3D LUTs can be loaded and you can select between them from the front panel. Plus 3D LUTs use standard file formats so you can load LUTs generated by software such as DaVinci Resolve.

Built in Monitor Calibration

It’s always difficult to know if a monitor is the correct colour because every display is slightly different, even between the same model. Teranex Mini 8K HDR solves this problem as it can use a third party USB probe for automatically aligning compatible monitors. SpectraCal C6, X‑Rite i1 Display Pro or the Klein K10‑A probes are supported and plug into the front of the converter. Simply start the process in the calibration menu and you'll get cues to set monitor brightness and contrast before the colour calibration process commences. The converter takes care of all the work and will automatically generate test signals on the monitor during the calibration process.

Advanced 12G-SDI for HD, Ultra HD and 8K

All Quad Link 12G‑SDI inputs have outputs for looping to other equipment. Plus single link HD, Ultra HD and quad link 8K standards are supported allowing broadcast or film industry use. In 720p you get support for 50p, 59.94p up to 60p. In 1080i formats, you get 50i, 59.94i up to 60i. 1080p, 1080PsF as well as 2160p formats are supported from 23.98 to 60 fps. You even get support for 2K and 4K DCI film formats from 23.98p to 60p. 4320p 8K formats are supported at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94 up to 60p. With 2SI to Square Division conversion built in, an 8K source will be automatically converted for the monitor. Teranex Mini 8K HDR even handles both Level A or B 3G‑SDI plus YUV and RGB SDI formats.

Automatic HDMI Down Conversion

Even though Teranex Mini 8K HDR features Quad Link 12G‑SDI when working in full resolution 8K, it can also switch to HD, Ultra HD, 2K DCI and 4K DCI formats when required. This means you can use it for a lot more than 8K. When a HDMI monitor, television or video projector is connected, Teranex Mini 8K HDR will communicate with the display via EDID and if the monitor cannot handle the resolution, then it will be automatically down converted for display. This means you can use a HD or Ultra HD display for 8K or you can use a HD display for Ultra HD. This ensures you always get images on your display no matter the SDI standard.

Mac and PC Software Included

While changing settings via the on screen menus from the font of the converter is convenient, often you find the converter might be installed in a location that's difficulty to access. In this case, Teranex Mini 8K HDR features Ethernet for remote access via the internet, or you can use the included software utility for Mac or Windows operating systems. This software even works via USB. The latest Teranex software utility can also update the converters software so you can upgrade to the latest video standards and features. You can even load and save LUTs remotely, as well as select and position the built in scopes.

Be Ready for an 8K Future

8K is fantastic for digital signage as with a single clip you can drive a single 8K display, 4 separate Ultra HD displays or, via an extra converter, you can even drive 16 HD displays for an extremely exciting video wall display. DaVinci Resolve combined with DeckLink 8K Pro is extremely common in Hollywood film studios. Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K HDR is the perfect solution to run large projectors and local colour accurate displays, while Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR has been specifically designed to take advantage of the latest monitors such as the Apple Pro Display XDR. Teranex Mini 8K HDR is compatible with a wide range of televisions and monitors. However for the best colour accuracy, monitors are the best option as they have stable image processing and won't shift colour much after you have performed calibration.

Optional Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

For rack mounting you can simply add a Teranex Mini Rack Shelf. This consists of a metal tray that holds the converter and allows it to be screwed down before the whole shelf is bolted into the rack. The Teranex Mini Rack Shelf even includes some blank panel plates and these can be screwed into the shelf when you only want to mount a single converter but don't want to see an annoying hole in your installed gear. Of course Teranex Mini 8K HDR includes rubber feet that you can attach to the underside of the converter if you want to place it on a desktop.

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  • Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR
  • SD card with software and manual
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