Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio Converter

Talkback and tally 4 x optical fiber converters

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Optional Extras

Aviation Style Noise Cancelling Headset

Aviation Style compatible headset for ATEM Studio Converter

Product Code: BMD-NCH

Suggested List Price: £125+VAT

  • Connect up to 4 ATEM Camera Converters to each ATEM Studio Converter
  • Multiple camera talkback
  • Designed for live production
  • 4 bi-directional optical fiber connections
  • 1 rack unit size

Get your camera close to the action using low cost optical fiber!

ATEM Studio Converter is the ideal partner for the ATEM Camera Converter. Connect up to four Camera Converters via optical fiber up to 28 miles away with bi-directional video plus tally and talkback! Connect your ATEM switcher program output to the ATEM Studio Converter and this is distributed to the four Camera Converters. Multiple Studio converters can be cascaded together when more than 4 cameras are needed. Studio converter can also be used as four independent SDI or Fiber to HDMI converters and four independent simultaneous SDI to Optical and Optical to SDI converters!


During busy live production it's vital to be able to talk to your camera operators. ATEM Studio Converter takes advantage of the 16 channel SDI audio standard and embed the talkback into rarely used channels 15 and 16. ATEM Studio Converter uses more robust aviation headsets that are available in hundreds of different styles. ATEM Studio Converter also features a built in microphone input and speaker so you don't need to use a headset.

ATEM Studio Converter’s rack mount design has 4 bi-directional optical fiber connections so you can connect multiple camera converters and convert the optical fiber input to SDI and de-embed audio using XLR connections.


Tally is simple to use and makes it easy to see when you are on air!

It's important for camera operators to know when their camera is on air, so they don't inadvertently change their shot when millions of people could be viewing! ATEM Studio Converter supports SDI tally output from the program feed of switchers, such as Blackmagic Design's ATEM range of live production switchers.

Smart Software
Control converter functions

Blackmagic Design’s Converter Utility Software lets you quickly set up converter functions, including camera numbers and audio levels. The utility software also lets you update your ATEM Converters with the latest firmware via a USB connection on each converter. This means you can download firmware updates to add new features or support for new video formats. Converter Utility Software is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

What's new in Converter Utility 7.1.1

  • General performance and stability improvements.

What's new in Converter Utility 7.1

  • Level A support for Mini Converter Optical Fiber 4K
  • General performance and stability improvements

What's new in Converter Utility 7.0.9

  • Level A support for Mini Converter SDI Distribution 4K
  • Improved timecode support for Mini Converter Audio to SDI
  • Improved locking times for Mini Converter SDI o HDMI
  • Improved EDID handshaking for Micro Converter HDMI to SDI

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • ATEM Studio Converter
  • Software SD Card

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  • DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor
  • Blackmagic MultiDock
  • New low prices for the Universal Videohub Family