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BirdDog Cloud - Standard - 12 month

Product Code: BDCLOUDSTD12M

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BirdDog General Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • NDI remote delivery and management software
  • Remote Production
  • Connect any studio, anywhere
  • Fully encrypted connections over the public internet
  • Full PTZ control for all BirdDog and 3rd party NDI PTZ cameras
  • Ultra low latency
  • SRT enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet

Control any production, anywhere

Full PTZ control for all BirdDog and 3rd party NDI PTZ cameras.

Bridge NDI, SRT, and SDI workflows

Ultra-low latency. Broadcast quality.

Apps. For Remote Production.

Remote viewing in as little as 2 frames.
PTZ camera control from your mobile device.

Connect any number of NDI or SDI sources to anywhere across the globe

BirdDog Cloud 3.0, the next generation of BirdDog’s globally connected advanced media platform, is the fastest and easiest way to expand outside your local network to distribute your content to anywhere in the world.

At its core Cloud 3.0 harnesses BirdDog’s specialised transport engine, a highly reliable and scalable media pipeline, delivering all the benefits and security of SRT, augmented with deep control layers for PTZ and metadata, and multi camera synchronisation support.

  • Live Production
    Take any number of NDI® or SDI video sources in any location across the globe and make them available to your production with the magic of BirdDog Cloud. Control remote PTZ cameras via software, or with the tactile BirdDog PTZ controller, and adjust colours and camera settings in real-time with BirdDog Cam Control. All remotely in almost zero latency.
  • Post Production
    Intuitive and lightening fast remote editing workflows come to life with the award-winning, free Adobe panel for collaboration between directors, editors, and producers anywhere in the world.
    Producers can easily select their views interactively, instantly switching from timeline to confidence monitor to edit suite camera views, even with picture-in-picture overlays.
  • Bring your own Device
    Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, iOS, and Android devices just went Pro. Cloud delivers new Cloud Apps for all these devices deeply integrating them into your next media event.
    Utilising Cloud Apps allows anyone to be in on the action in real-time, from a producer who wants input in a shoot, a director who wants to see all the action, or an event manager ensuring the run-sheet is on point.
  • Cloud Recorder
    With Cloud Recorder NDI® is able to be recorded at both the sender and receiver endpoints.
  • Transport
    Built in conjunction with Google, transport is a globally connected, secure delivery network designed for easy operation with BirdDog Cloud. Have your own network infrastructure? No worries we can accommodate.
  • API control
    New API support creates incredible opportunities to build global and scalable video workflows like never before.
  • Mobile App Audio Selection and Routing
    When in the game-changing Presenter Mode you can now switch in real-time which audio source you wish to monitor. Switch between microphone, mix-minus, program, or PC audio. The choice is yours.
  • DX. IT admins rejoice
    DX is BirdDog’s revolutionary technology that easily navigates video over challenging corporate IT networks. No need for port-forwarding or firewall exceptions. DX retains end to end encryption and total security of the network. Did we just hear the IT admins popping corks?
  • More GPU support. M1 included
    Cloud ushers in a raft of new GPU accelerated processing including beefy Apple M1/M2 chips, nVidia, and Intel native acceleration. Making the fastest, highest quality, and most flexible remote production workflows.

Remote Editing - Collaboration for Adobe workflows

Editor here. Director there. No worries.

As little as 2 frames latency

Over the shoulder without being over the shoulder.

Choose your own layout - Timeline. Output. Timeline AND output

The fastest remote editing tool on the planet, BirdDog’s award-winning Adobe plugin gives unprecedented speed and flexibility to remote editing collaborations.

Apps. For Remote Editing

Connect editors and directors via BirdDog Cloud and use the suite of Apps to collaborate with frame accuracy while in different locations.

Download the free BirdDog RESTful API and program your own automation for all BirdDog hardware endpoints, including cameras.

Watermarked trial
BirdDog Cloud Connections No limits - All trials 3 10 POA
PTZ Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Panel Watermarked Yes Yes Yes
Multiviews Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presenter Mode Watermarked Yes Yes Yes
Blackmagic HDMI/SDI Capture Watermarked Yes Yes Yes
Record Engine Watermarked Yes Yes Yes
Two-factor Authentication   Yes Yes Yes
Encoder Engine Watermarked Yes Yes Yes
Custom Branding   Yes Yes Yes
API Support       Yes
Additional Cloud Connections        
Month   £43 £26  
Year (10% Discount)   £460 £275  
Data Packs        
50GB Move to next tier £26 £17  
BirdDog Cloud

BirdDog Cloud - Standard - 1 month

BirdDog Cloud

BirdDog Cloud - Premium - 1 month

BirdDog Cloud

BirdDog Cloud - Premium - 12 month

BirdDog Cloud Additional Connection
Cloud Additional Connection

BirdDog Cloud - Additional Connection - Standard - 12 Month

BirdDog Cloud Additional Connection
Cloud Additional Connection

BirdDog Cloud - Additional Connection - Standard - 1 Month

BirdDog Cloud Additional Connection
Cloud Additional Connection

BirdDog Cloud - Additional Connection - Premium - 1 Month

BirdDog Cloud Additional Connection
Cloud Additional Connection

BirdDog Cloud - Additional Connection - Premium - 12 Month

BirdDog Cloud Data Pack
Cloud Data Pack

BirdDog Cloud - 50GB Data Pack - Standard

BirdDog Cloud Data Pack
Cloud Data Pack

BirdDog Cloud - 50GB Data Pack - Premium

How do Monthly and Annual Plans differ?
Monthly plans are charged monthly and renew every month until you cancel, and annual plans are charged annually and renew automatically until you cancel. For signing up to an annual plan you receive a 10% discount.
Are there any minimum contracts?
There are no lock-in contracts and you can simply cancel at any time during your current billing cycle.
Does the yearly discount apply to data pack purchases?
No. The yearly 10% discount only applies to the BirdDog Cloud subscription and the initial data packs included with your chosen plan.
Can I set data packs to auto-renew?
Yes! You can set the limit of when you want to auto-renew and for how much you wish to purchase. This will give peace of mind that there will be no disruption to your service mid-production. You can also set the limit of renewals per day to avoid any billing surprises.
Demystifying NDI: Understanding the Evolution and Differences of NDI, NDI|HX2, and NDI|HX3 in the World of Video over IP

In the evolving landscape of video over IP, NDI has emerged as a prominent technology, offering various compression options to cater to different production needs. NDI, developed by NewTek/Vizrt, has evolved through various iterations, with NDI|HX2 and NDI|HX3 representing more advanced compression options that cater to different bandwidth and quality requirements. With all these different acronyms I thought it best to try and de mystify what these are and highlight the differences to avoid being caught out.

Holdan 2021 | The Evolution of video throughout the pandemic

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